Westerlin: false advertisement for incoming students

Michelle Quinn

It is common knowledge that there are three first-year residence halls on campus: Seminary, Andreen and Westerlin. Westerlin, a.k.a. Westie, obviously being the superior of the three because of countless reasons some of which will be outlined below. 
Both Seminary and Andreen are freshman residence halls with no air-conditioning. Those dorm rooms are smaller than Westerlin’s. However, students are still required to pay the same amount to live in Seminary and Andreen, as they are in Westie.
Additionally, the Westerlin Residence Hall is the only residence hall of the three that has a convenience store in it. Luckily, all students have the opportunity to use their meal swipes and Viking Bucks at the Westerlin Market. However, the majority of them would have to trek across campus up the annoying Olin stairs or through the Gerber Center. Meanwhile, those living in Westie just go downstairs.
Westerlin is also the most handicap accessible residence hall building. In J-wing of Westie, there is an elevator. This is the only elevator in any first-year dorm building. Students who are only shown Westerlin may think that all of the other dorms are this way. But that is not the case, Westie is the only one that provides handicap accessibility. 
According to Admissions Tour Guides, there is only one showroom in Andreen, meaning most of the potential incoming first-years are only getting to view Westerlin. While Westerlin houses more students, according to the Augustana website, Andreen and Seminary combined still house 293 students. So there is a great chance for them to end up in one of  the two other lesser buildings. 
Not only do the students and parents on tours get to see all the perks of Westie, but they are also able to observe the area around it, including the parking lot. 
Last year, anyone who drove in the Westerlin parking lot could attest that it was nothing but pothole after pothole. At the same time, the sophomore residence hall, Erickson, had the same problem in their parking lot: potholes. When summer came around, the only residence hall parking lot that got the necessary improvements was Westerlin.
At Westerlin, incoming potential first-years also have the opportunity to see a gym in the dorm. However, no other dorm on campus has a gym.
Perhaps due to all of the amenities found in Westie, potential students are taken specifically to Westerlin.
Not only is Westerlin the superior dorm here on campus but it is false advertising to the potential incoming freshman. 
Augustana is advertising the best part of residential life for first-years. While this is necessary because we want more students to come to Augustana in the future, it is also false advertising because then they will not be prepared for the off chance that they end up in a different dorm building. 
Additionally, the college should be trying to improve the entire campus and take care of their current students as well as the incoming first-years. It seems like the older we get, the less the college cares — until we are Alumni.