Dance Company’s “Kaleidoscope of Dance” bids farewell to seniors


Kayla Palliser

Dance Company performs their final number, “The Sky is Finally Open,” on April 10, 2022.

Kayla Palliser

On Sunday, April 10, Dance Company performed their spring show, “A Kaleidoscope of Dance.” This show offered the Dance Company a chance to showcase their work and celebrate the seniors in the group.

In between performances, slideshows honoring the three senior dancers played. Each slideshow began with a short video message from that senior, followed by a few photos from the dancer’s childhood. Other members of the company recorded video messages for the senior, and in between these videos the audience saw more photos of the dancer’s past performances. The teammate messages came as a surprise to senior Michael Tarchala.

“I had no idea what it was going to be like. When I sent in my video talking, I thought it was just me and some baby pictures. I had no idea there were going to be other people talking,” Tarchala said. 

Most seniors had a very emotional reaction watching their video. “While you’re watching the video, all your friends are standing with you backstage,” senior Meg Carr, president of Dance Company, said. 

Shortly after watching their heartfelt goodbye, the dancers had to dry their tears and return to the stage to dance.

The Vice President of Dance Company, junior Lindsey Edwards, compiled the senior tribute material this year. “It was very emotional, but it was also really fun to be able to look back at those memories and their lives and piece together our company members describing how we’re so proud of them. We’ve enjoyed their company and choreography and presence,” Edwards said.

This goodbye may have been more impactful because of the environment Dance Company strives to create for their members. Many of the dancers describe this group as a family.

Growing up, Tarchala said he was bullied for participating in theater and dance. “The [Dance Company] team created a space that will fight tooth and nail for every single one of its members,” Tarchala said. “Everyone is accepted and loved no matter what, and it’s such a special thing that is rare to come by these days.”

According to Carr, this welcoming attitude extends not only to members, but to everyone who loves dance. “If you have a dance that you’ve had in your head and you want to make it come true, bring it to Dance Company,” Carr said. “We are open to anything. Everyone is welcome.” 

Carr said the theme of this show also reflects the “kaleidoscope” of dancers welcomed into this group. The group’s performance space was moved from Centennial to Brunner, allowing the group to dance with a full range of colored theater lights that enhanced their multicolored theme.

Instead of building a show around a chosen theme, Dance Company votes on a fitting show name only after all of the dances are choreographed. According to Edwards, creating the dances first encourages creative freedom.

“I feel as though if we were to choreograph around the theme, it would limit a lot of the people of our company’s creativity, because they wouldn’t be able to truly express their own style completely. We allow a hodgepodge of all of our dance styles and choreographers,” Edwards said.

Carr has suggested this year’s show name “A Kaleidoscope of Dance” since her first year. “This year, it really all came together with the name, because my company dance was Kacey Musgraves’ “Rainbow,” and it really brought everything full circle for me,” Carr said.

Although the seniors are saying goodbye, involvement in Dance Company often doesn’t end with graduation. “We always have alumni come back and watch our dress rehearsal, and they give us comments,” Carr said.

There is still an opportunity to see Dance Company perform this year. According to Edwards, Dance Company typically performs once a semester, but occasionally the group is invited to perform at other events. 

One of these events is coming up soon: “Night of Noise Drag Show + Bingo After Dark” will take place Friday, April 22 at 7 p.m. in the Gavle Rooms, with a special performance by Dance Company.