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Augie Talks with Rylie Schurter

1. How was your first season playing golf as an Augustana Viking?
“It was beyond expectations and was awesome. I had a really great time with my team. The new level of competition was just amazing.”
2. How does playing golf at the collegiate level differ from high school for you?
“Personally, it was a lot more competitive, but at the same time, you are playing with people who are a lot more open to forming relationships with. So, I noticed after my freshman season I made a lot more friends not just at the school, but outside of the school with other golfers I compete with.”
3. Why did you choose Augie?
“I chose Augie not just because the golf team here was awesome when I met them, but just academic-wise. I knew that I would be able to play the sport that I love, but also get a great education at the same time. It was just meant to be.”
4. When did you start playing golf and how did you get hooked on the sport?
“I started casually playing in sixth grade, but I didn’t get serious or start to learn the game till my freshman year of high school. The more I worked at it, the more I learned. And now I am here playing for Augie.”
5. What do you love most about Augie golf?
“Definitely the ability to play a sport competitively, but also the team atmosphere is awesome and even though I am only a freshman who has been playing for two months, I wouldn’t trade the team for anything.”
6. Were there any negatives you had to overcome this season?
“At our conference tournament we got third which we were happy about, but score-wise we were a little disappointed how we shot individually. It only drove us to want to do better in the spring and next season. We are looking forward to working hard.”
7. What were your highlights and positives of the season?
“I shot a personal best a week before conference. We also won two tournaments as a team which was really fun to experience because golf is individual, but at the same time, it is a team sport. So, sharing those accomplishments with the people you play with is really fun.”
8. What needs to be done personally and as a team before the next season?
“I think we are going to work on having more fun on the course because we find when we are having fun we play a lot better. Personally, I am going to work on my mindset and try to be competitive at the same time. Also, working on the basics, like stroking.”
9. What else are you involved in here at Augie and plan to be involved in?
“I am in ESA, which is a service sorority here at Augie. We just got our “bigs” which was so exciting. Besides that, I was looking into joining NAMI, which is the mental illness awareness club, and explore many other clubs.”
10. How does it feel to have such a great first-year season?
“I didn’t really focus on how I was as a freshman, I am just a competitor. I just tried focusing on my contribution to the team.”
11. Where do you see the team in 3 years? Your senior year?
“We have our sights on winning a conference tournament, which I think is definitely doable over the next three years because we have been playing beyond our expectations. To see that happen before we graduate would be awesome.”
12. Having such a small team this year going against teams much larger than you in numbers like Illinois Wesleyan, how did you guys manage to compete?
“We can’t be intimidated by the fact that there are so many people. We focus on our game and we know that when we are in the right mindset or playing our best it doesn’t matter how many girls you have on the team. As long as we focus on our game and what makes us awesome, that is what makes us compete.”
13. What is your favorite thing about your coaches?
“My coaches are amazing and they motivate you to be the best you can be. There has been a lot of time on the course this season where I have not been in a good place, but they don’t even care how I am playing sometimes. They care if I am in a good mood and having a good time. That is why I love my coaches so much, because they care about you outside and on the course. They are awesome.”

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Augie Talks with Rylie Schurter