Navigating Student Wellness Special Issue


WatchTower Team

Student Wellness Issue (cover)Designed by Kevin Donovan
Student Wellness Issue (page 2)Table of Contents
Student Wellness Issue (page 3)Sexual health resources on campus
Student Wellness Issue (page 4&5)Living in an abortion desert  
Student Wellness Issue (page 6&7)Augustana anticipates an on-campus clinic
 Student Wellness Issue (page 8&9)Campus submissions
Student Wellness Issue (page 10)Mental health
Student Wellness Issue (page 11) – Opinion: School infrastructure/attitudes aren’t accessible 
Student Wellness Issue (page 12&13) – Nutritional health
Student Wellness Issue (page 14&15) – Observer health hacks
Student Wellness Issue (back cover)Designed by Kevin Donovan 
WELLNESS (noun) according to Webster’s Dictionary: “The quality or state of being in good health, especially as an actively sought goal.” 
The Observer’s WatchTower team defines wellness as a position of balance between emotional, sexual, nutritional, mental, spiritual and academic health. In this issue, we aim to evaluate the general state of the Augustana student body’s wellness.
In doing so, we challenge our readers to take steps to increase their own wellness and to regard carefully the wellness of others in our community.


Thea Gonzales
Sophie Reid

Kevin Donovan*
Alia McMurray
Ian Murrin

Giselle Barajas
Morgan Clark
Olivia Doak
Sarah Kayali
Natalie McMillan
Lizzie Oswalt