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Yik Yak incites controversy within Augie groups

Yik Yak incites controversy within Augie groups

Brett Kuras November 3, 2021

Yik Yak is a popular social media platform that allows users to create posts anonymously and share with other users in a five-mile radius. Yik Yak has recently taken Augustana by storm after being reinstated...

Positive impact of IM sports on sororities

Stuti Shrestha October 28, 2021

IM (Intramural) sports are a popular activity for Augustana students and are open for any student to participate. There are all different types of sports throughout the school year. A lot of Greek groups...

VIDEO: Augie offers new meditation room on campus

Michelle Quinn October 15, 2021

A meditation room is available for students in the new Peter J. Lindberg building. It offers students a place to relax and be mindful. Meditations are led every Tuesday at 4pm.

Back to burnout: Students struggle with full class load amid pandemic

Hannah Knuth & Nuhamin Wube October 13, 2021

On a cold night in 2013, my brother and I had just finished watching World War Z. The movie is about a lethal virus called Solanum that transforms healthy people into something vicious, thoughtless and...

Mental health effects of no spring break and how to overcome it

Mental health effects of no spring break and how to overcome it

Bethany Abrams March 23, 2021

In October 2020, Augustana College announced the change that spring break in the 2021 academic year will not be held. The Augustana College website states, “The goal of canceling spring break is to mitigate...

Students struggle with no visitors policy in residence halls

Maria Fernanda Rubi October 21, 2020

As part of Augie Strong Force, students are required to wear masks during the buildings except when being at their rooms. They are allowed to have a limited number of guests at their dorms and family members...

Athletes battle mental health issues

Athletes battle mental health issues

Sydney Krueger September 24, 2020

While all fall sports seasons got pushed to spring semester due to the impact of COVID-19, teams continue to practice.  However, as the official word on spring season for fall athletes remains undecided,...

Caring for mental health in a pandemic

Caring for mental health in a pandemic

Natalie McMillan April 17, 2020

The upheaval in Augustana students’ and faculty’s life can be distressing to some of the community's mental health. Despite the changes in classrooms and pushed back graduation, Augie’s community...

NAMI takes a stand for those with eating disorders

Aubrey Lathrop February 27, 2020

Augustana’s National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) organized a carpool program to take students to Amy’s Gift, an eating disorder support group in Davenport after several students expressed a desire...

The Gray Matters says that you matter

Carly Davis November 21, 2019

The Gray Matters hosted “You Matter” on Tuesday, Nov. 19 in the Gavle Rooms. The goal of the event was to promote awareness of mental health on campus and provide support for students. The Gray Matters...

Students affected by seasonal depression are not alone

Students affected by seasonal depression are not alone

Paige Sheppard November 14, 2019

While most people look upon daylight savings as a gift that offers one extra glorious hour of sleep when we all seem to need it most, it also marks the beginning of shorter, darker and colder days. Winter...

By Alyssa Duckett

Augustana students cry out for more counseling

Kiera Kunstman November 7, 2019

Counseling plays a vital role in a student's success, but there is not enough of it offered at Augustana College. The school desperately needs to solve this issue. Students recognize that counseling is...

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