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Junior Anya Giordano, as Sam Hawkins, and Bradley Robert Jensen, as a college professor, act in The Stacks: An Immersive Mystery.

Augustana theatre students immerse into “The Stacks”

Celeaciya Olvera March 8, 2024

At Moline’s Sound Conservatory, an immersive show removed the divide between actor and audience. Offered Feb. 22 to March 2, Director Ben Gougeon’s production of “The Stacks” offered no seating...

Senior Grey White, director of “Private Lives,” works on auditions in the Black Box Theatre on Feb 15.

Private Lives: A passion project behind the scenes

Fatima Martinez Gallegos February 23, 2024

As the moon made its appearance in the dark sky above the quad on Feb. 13, many students were heading to their dorms in hopes of ending their evening. But some passionate theater students were sitting...

Sophomore Kaden Micklos (left), Junior Mukupa Lungu (middle) and Senior Rose Klinger (right) perform during the NINE tech rehearsal in the Brunner Theater on Nov. 13.

“Nine” hits the Quad Cities for first time

Morin Windle November 17, 2023

Augustana’s premiere of “Nine” will take the main stage Nov. 16 in a whirlwind of drama, music and love depicting the story of troubled Italian filmmaker Guido Contini.  This musical follows...

Delayed Betrayal takes the stage offering drama and love triangles

Johnay Swayzer October 27, 2023

The Augustana theater department puts “Betrayal” into the spotlight. Written by Harold Pinter, the play is directed by senior Roger Pavey. The show focuses on the lives of three main characters, examining...

“Dracula: a feminist revenge fantasy” sinks its teeth into October

“Dracula: a feminist revenge fantasy” sinks its teeth into October

Fatima Martinez Gallegos October 13, 2023

With comedy, vampires and fake blood, “Dracula: a feminist revenge fantasy” intends to make you laugh, cry and enhance the power of women.  This play is an adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel “Dracula,"...

Sylvia Hughes’s Gross stands between Kaden Micklos’s Balas and Noah Johnson’s Noah.

Augie wraps up theater productions for the year with “The Memo”

Allie Lewis May 19, 2023

The Augustana Department of Theatre arts presented its performances of “The Memo” on May 11-14. This rounded out Augie’s theatre productions of the 2022-2023 school year.  “The Memo” was...

Spencer Warfield (center), Maya Pagel (left), and Jessa Simon (right) performing at the God of Vengeance rehearsals.

“God of Vengeance” deserves a standing ovation

Celeaciya Olvera April 28, 2023

Content warning: sexual harassment and violence The empathic drama “God of Vengeance” is the second student-directed production led by senior Synth Gonzalez. The show will be performed in the Brunner...

Lainey Terfruchte at the costume shop on Thursday, April 20, 2023.

A day in the life of a costume shop worker

Allie Lewis April 28, 2023

Augustana’s theater program never fails to amaze its audiences on stage, but behind-the-scenes workers are the backbone of these productions. Those working in the costume shop keep the actors looking...

Senior Titus Jilderda, left, and First Year Soryn Richter, right, rehearse a scene for the Small Mouth Sounds production at the Brunner Theater.

A silent play speaks volumes

K Vo March 10, 2023

The silent drama, “Small Mouth Sounds” will appear on the mainstage March 16-19. Written by Bess Wohl, the play features six troubled people coming to the realization that silence does not always reflect...

Willkommen and bienvenue to “Cabaret” at Augustana

Kobe West November 18, 2022

The Augustana theater department will be putting on a production of “Cabaret” from Nov. 17-20. It is a funny yet heart-wrenching tale that takes place in pre-WWII Germany. “Cabaret” premiered in...

Sophomore Emma Watts, First-Year Soryn Richter and Sophomore Allison McPeak rehearse for Tartuffe.

“Tartuffe” plans to steal the stage

Lexi Woodcock October 14, 2022

A comedic tale of a swindling squatter comes to the mainstage on Oct. 13-16. “Tartuffe” is a theatrical comedy written by the French playwright Molière. Directed by Professor Jeff Coussens, Augustana’s...

French “Revolutionists” fight for their equality

Payton Willis March 11, 2022

“The Revolutionists” play includes characters who are inspired by real heroic women during the French Revolution. During the show, the audience follows four women, Olympe De Gouge, Marie Antionette,...

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