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Augie talks with Tyler Rubarts

The Augustana Staff sat down with Tyler Rubarts to discuss his success as the men’s volleyball oldest player and the season as a whole.
1. How do you feel about the season?
The season went great! I think the team really came together towards the middle and end of the season. We really started to play as a team and mesh well together too.
2. Did you guys accomplish the goals you wanted to?
We did! While we fell short of the conference tournament by a game or two, we ended up being 5th in our conference. We were ranked second to last in pre-season, so it was a good improvement.
3. How was it being the only senior?
Being the only senior on the team was a little awkward at first since I didn’t know any of the guys, and I joined a little later than everyone else. Friendships had already been established, but the guys were so cool and welcoming that I quickly felt just as comfortable as everyone else. My nickname on the team was dad because I was the lone senior and acted like a dad at times.
4. What did you specifically contribute to the team?
I contributed a positive attitude and was someone that they could turn to if they needed advice about how to be a college athlete. Since being on the track team here at Augustana I felt that I could definitely provide some insight into this situation for them.
5. How do you think they’ll do once you are gone?
I think the team is only going to get better as the years go on. The team really impressed me with it only being our first year in existence, and we definitely made a name for ourselves. We really started to show our potential towards the end of the season as guys started to feel more comfortable playing with each other and playing at the collegiate level.
6. What are their plans for off-season training?
Their off-season training is to get in the weight room about 3 times a week with our trainers to build up some strength and prepare for the season. Our trainers will send the guys workouts over summer break to make sure strength is continuing to be built.
7. End goal, when a majority of them are seniors, how do you think they’ll play?
I think that they could have potential to be in the national tournament to be honest! This team shows a lot of potential being so young. It is going to be awesome to see how well they do in the future!

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Augie talks with Tyler Rubarts