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Villain or victim: Spider-Man questions norm

Payton Willis May 6, 2022

In a typical superhero movie, the hero defeats the villain, who usually plummets to their expected death. It’s the basic plot of every Marvel/DC movie. But in “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” Peter Parker...

Junior John Do takes flight as he hopes to score a victory in the long jump event of the Language Olympics.

Collegia Classica launches Language Olympics

Krystina Slack May 6, 2022

On April 30, the Collegia Classica club put together Augustana’s very first Language Olympics. The Language Olympics created a place for cultural groups and clubs to come together in a friendly competition...

Seniors capture art through a personal lens

Charlie Roiland May 6, 2022

After months of hard work, senior art and art history majors are ready to present their final projects. The senior inquiry projects will be on display in the Augustana Teaching Museum of Art beginning...

Sophomore Grisma Niraula hosts the Nepali Student Organization table at the Campus-Wide Diversity Celebration on Friday, April 29, 2022.

You belong here: Celebrating diversity

Kayla Palliser May 6, 2022

From “Take Back The Night” to “Filipino Culture Fest,” student and faculty coordinators worked hard to showcase the importance of diversity with a week of activities bringing education and celebration...

Dance Company performs their final number, The Sky is Finally Open, on April 10, 2022.

Dance Company’s “Kaleidoscope of Dance” bids farewell to seniors

Kayla Palliser April 22, 2022

On Sunday, April 10, Dance Company performed their spring show, “A Kaleidoscope of Dance.” This show offered the Dance Company a chance to showcase their work and celebrate the seniors in the group. In...

Special Collections and how it can help you

Special Collections and how it can help you

Krystina Slack April 22, 2022

On the right, when you first walk into the Special Collections area/reading room, there is a row of cases that have a constantly changing theme. Right now they have an incredible collection of different...

Chef Katie Kipper begins cleaning up on April 8 at Gerber Center for Student Life.

Add your recipe to the Gerber menu

Kayla Palliser April 15, 2022

From salads to Bang Bang Chicken, the Gerber Dining Hall menu is extensive. But the menu isn’t set in stone. Students are able to verbally request new menu items at any of the stations. If a request...

Guests and members of the Augustana community admire work at the Augustana Faculty Art Show in Centennial hall on April 8, 2022.

Faculty Art Show returns for a limited time only

Krystina Slack April 15, 2022

Every three years, the Augustana Teaching Museum of Art has a Faculty Art Exhibit. This is one of those lucky years. The opening of the Faculty Art Exhibit was on April 8, 2022. All of the art is beautifully...

Event host Gavinya Wijesekera(left) meets with Grisma Niraula(middle) and Arnav Shrestha(right) discussing what is presented on their table at the International Street Festival.

International Street Fest Represents Multiple Cultures

Connie Krupa April 8, 2022

The Global Engagement Team (GET) put on an important event called the International Street Fest. This event took place on Thursday, March 31 at 6:00 p.m. in the Gavle rooms.  The International Street...

Jon Hurty conducts students during choir practice in Larson Hall.

Singing without masks: How choirs have adapted through the pandemic

Kayla Palliser April 8, 2022

Over the past two years, classrooms have faced changing COVID-19 policies, including social distancing, smaller class sizes and hybrid offerings. However, one activity has faced some of the most extreme...

Reality TV and how it misguides us

Krystina Slack April 8, 2022

This year, Augustana College has been hosting a series of Tea Talks that have been about a variety of different topics. The Tea Talk held on March 30 was the first to talk about the impact of reality TV.  Dr....

Easing the mandate eases communication

Easing the mandate eases communication

Charlie Roiland March 18, 2022

The removal of the mask mandate, especially in schools, can be both a terrifying and liberating experience depending on the person. For immunocompromised and disabled students who may be at a higher risk...

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