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VIDEO: 35 quarantine activities for the frustrated Augie student


Although the threat of COVID-19 has called for the closing of many public spaces, we at The Observer feel that even though we are apart, what the virus cannot take away is our communities.
Please enjoy this Observer-approved list of 35 activities to do during quarantine season. We hope it will remind you that the world is so much bigger than the space you’re currently occupying and that you are not alone.
The Observer presents: 35 quarantine activities for the frustrated Augie student.

  1. Learn to play a new instrument
  2. Learn something artistic — like crocheting
  3. Read everything you’ve been meaning to
  4. Catch up with your friends on video call
  5. Start writing a journal for yourself
  6. Send a letter to your friends through the mail
  7. Make a list of things to do post-quarantine
  8. “Marie Kondo” your entire living space
  9. Start reading the newspaper every morning
  10. Practice mindfulness through meditation
  11. Prepare for distance learning and get ready for class
  12. Get a plant and take care of it
  13. Talk to an Augie therapist over the phone
  14. Play board games with your quarantine buddies
  15. Re-arrange your living space for something new
  16. Learn to cook something you haven’t tried before
  17. You can watch concerts via Global Health
  18. Play games with your friends over video calls
  19. Try some yoga
  20. Learn and find out more about your family history
  21. Learn something new on LinkedIn Learning
  22. Play and hang out with your pets
  23. Try making a vlog
  24. Work on your job search and work on your applications
  25. Give a presentation about something cool
  26. Make a new playlist (or listen to ours)
  27. Have a dance party with said playlist
  28. Using your elbow when you cough is important, and so is washing your hands frequently
  29. It’s a good time to binge watch everything
  30. Do a face mask to de-stress
  31. Make a video on TikTok
  32. Talk to your Career Coach at CORE
  33. Write a music review for something you usually don’t listen to
  34. Do a little exercise in your room
  35. Try learning a new language on apps like Drops or DuoLingo

And finally, just wash your hands.
We hope you enjoyed this list and take care of yourself during this time. If you come up with any more activities, send us a short video at [email protected]! Stay safe, everyone.
Music by Siena Oliveri. Featuring Olivia Smith, Amy Croft (’19), Rachel Minter (’19), Camille Harris (’19), and Kate Petravick from CORE. 

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VIDEO: 35 quarantine activities for the frustrated Augie student