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Augie students love fun events at school, but not at the cost of their education

Linh Tran

Throughout the entire academic year, the Office of Student Life (OSL) puts on events on campus for students to go to. Depending on the event, students can participate and create great memories that they can look back on years from now. Although the OSL is here for students to have fun on campus, some money spent on events could be used more wisely. 

Going to college can be daunting, no matter if students are first-generation or legacy students. The OSL hosts events on campus for students to get to know the campus better and potentially make friends. A great example is the bingo game nights hosted throughout the year, where students can win prizes ranging from Augustana merchandise to cash prizes. 

There are also other events that the OSL hosts, such as Sloughfest, an Augustana student-only music festival hosted just before finals during the spring semester featuring student performances, local bands and free food. Although Sloughfest is one of the most attended and anticipated events at school, there comes the question of how much money is being spent for students to have a good time for a few hours when the money could be better spent. 

To clarify, I am not saying that Sloughfest should not happen anymore at Augustana. I am saying that with the money spent recently for this year’s Sloughfest, the cost of the event could have been better used to students towards their academics or given them more opportunities for an improved college experience. 

Based on my own experience at Augustana, some of the money could have been used to get free laundry in the dorms, install air conditioners in Andreen and Seminary, and have housing for the seniors. 

I understand that not all of this can be accomplished by cutting the budget for Sloughfest, being the most anticipated event on campus, but the long-lasting financial toll this has on students will impact scholarships they could have received, better academic opportunities and potentially more events on campus. 

And, with the OSL just giving away movie tickets for free, it shows that the OSL office gets more money compared to other offices. Especially with the college’s current debt, that could be used to further help students’ needs. 

There also comes the question of if students are even still interested in going to Sloughfest. After the first time going to it, the promotional advertising for it seems to have lost its glamor as the most sought-after event of the entire school year. With fewer and fewer students going each year, the question of if there should be a smaller budget does not seem outrageous.

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