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Augie students love fun events at school, but not at the cost of their education

Augie students love fun events at school, but not at the cost of their education

Taylor Roth May 11, 2024

Throughout the entire academic year, the Office of Student Life (OSL) puts on events on campus for students to go to. Depending on the event, students can participate and create great memories that they...

TLA: Totally Lacks Accommodation

TLA: Totally Lacks Accommodation

Anh Bui October 28, 2023

In order to ease the transition into more independent living arrangements, Augustana College mandates that students live on campus for the first three years. Students often live in traditional dorms...

Augustana’s Board of Trustees prepares for incoming leadership

Gavin Nicoson May 10, 2023

Augustana College’s Board of Trustees is preparing for a change in leadership this October as current Chair John Murabito and Vice-Chair Wiley Adams reach the end of their terms. Filling their respective...

Campus schedule currently being revised

Jack Brandt March 22, 2023

On Tuesday, March 14, students and faculty received an email stating that the fall registration period has been moved back a week. According to the email, current juniors will now register in week 11,...

Should students have a say in the new provost?

Taylor Roth March 4, 2023

Provost candidacy, a term that may be new to some students but not others, is taking place at Augustana College.  Students do have a say in the decision-making process, but it is minimal at best. Students...

The Campus Cupboard welcomes volunteers

Lexi Woodcock December 8, 2022

For students looking for service hours, Augustana’s Campus Cupboard is always looking for volunteers. The free pantry, located in the basement of Bahl’s Leadership Center, is open to students and volunteers...

For many students, the 50 cent raise only increases discontentment

For many students, the 50 cent raise only increases discontentment

Caitlin Campbell October 26, 2022

On Monday Oct. 17, Augustana College sent out an email to the student body, announcing that on Oct. 31, the student minimum wage would increase from $9.25 to $9.75 an hour. Although the announcement...

Inflated college costs and deflated wallets

Inflated college costs and deflated wallets

Allie Rial October 15, 2022

Being able to budget for education, needs and fun strikes a delicate balance, and this year, inflation disrupted it. While the increase in tuition at Augustana may be invisible to first-years who don’t...

Time is money (and we have neither)

Time is money (and we have neither)

Carly Davis May 13, 2022

When I was a first-year at Augustana, I heard anecdotally that our minimum wage would rise by a dollar every year with the rest of the state. Sure, we would be 75 cents behind, but it was progress. In...

Co-Editor-in-chief Olivia Doak listens to Managing Editor Carly Davis idea for the graphic design on March 14 at Old Main.

Balancing money and morality

Olivia Doak May 13, 2022

We all know that journalists are not in it for the money, and a college newspaper is no different. You don’t work at the Observer so that you can pay rent or afford groceries. We pay reporters by...

How do sport teams get their funding?

Margaret Cecilio November 9, 2020

Augustana College has 28 varsity sports teams, each of which require funding in order to operate throughout the year. Budgeting for athletics is a constantly revolving process that tries to best cater...

College remains "uncertain" about MAP despite passed budget

July 7, 2016

Following the approval of a stopgap budget from the state of Illinois on July 1st, Augustana has now been promised the money needed to pick up the cost of the Monetary Award Program (MAP) Grants awarded...

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