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A double rainbow appears in the sky after a heavy storm hits the Quad Cities on Sunday, May 7, 2023.

Sudden floods, snow and rain isn’t to sing about

Taylor Roth May 20, 2023

Sudden changes in the weather are not something to be concerned about, but extreme changes, such as going from eighty-degree weather to forty with a chance of snow within a week, does raise concerns.  The...

The Augie bubble trouble

Rojeena Thapa May 20, 2023

Students spending most of their time on campus and in the surrounding area form a very narrow perspective of the world in a phenomenon known as the college bubble. This is especially true for the students...

Eco is friendly

Hailey Glasnovich May 20, 2023

Sustainable practices minimize the potential risk of hurting the environment and the world of future generations. These actions can include eating healthier foods, reducing waste, and prioritizing recycling....

Erickson renovations negatively impact rising juniors

Charlie Roiland May 13, 2023

On Monday, April 3, the office of residential life sent a campus-wide email informing students that housing selection for the rising junior class was postponed. Due to renovations being made to Erickson’s...

Fresh Fruit Friday is brief but beloved

Fresh Fruit Friday is brief but beloved

Jack Brandt May 13, 2023

As a student athlete, I did better this year than last. Not because I worked any harder or changed my form, but because I ate better. Last year, often running from class to class, I struggled to prioritize...

Sharing is not always caring

Hailey Glasnovich May 13, 2023

At Augustana, students can live in a single dorm by choice or accommodation. Regardless of the reason, students must pay more for these rooms financially and socially, as single rooms are more expensive...

Augie abandons its worst residence halls

Chloe Baxter May 6, 2023

Augustana recently announced the decision to renovate Erickson Residence Hall in the 2023-2024 school year. This is a choice that excites students who will have improved air conditioning and plumbing when...

First gen students, college classes, oh my!

Taylor Roth May 6, 2023

Movies portray college in one of two ways: fun, partying and hanging out with friends or stressing out over projects and assignments as the due date creeps up on students.  College is a step to a better-paying...

Shh-ifting the standards for dorm noise

Shh-ifting the standards for dorm noise

Rojeena Thapa May 6, 2023

Imagine that you come back to your dorm after a long, stressful day and just want to sleep well.  However, as the evening wears on, you begin to notice the sound of loud music and shouting coming from...

Augustana’s summer school is not cool

Augustana’s summer school is not cool

Hailey Glasnovich May 6, 2023

Correction: In the story, the author states the course catalog for the summer 2023 semester is not available. However, according to the school, the summer course catalog has been available for several...

Augustana handles irresponsible drinking responsibly

Taylor Roth April 29, 2023

Drinking on college campuses is nothing new and not exclusive to Augustana, but the culture of drinking to “fit in” with the rest of the crowd does raise some cause for concern.  Drinking is a...

The argument for a pay raise for international students

Rojeena Thapa April 29, 2023

11.9% of the student body at Augustana College are international students, which brings diverse perspectives and experiences to the campus across the globe. However, from a student’s perspective, moving...

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