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Super duper unleaded gas duping us into ruining our cars

Chloe Baxter December 10, 2022

It’s a common practice for Augustana students with cars to cross the river into Iowa for cheaper gas. With the implementation of Iowa’s environmentally friendly, “Super Duper Unleaded” (E15) ethanol-based...

Extrav at Augie: An Extra Excuse for Partying

Extrav at Augie: An Extra Excuse for Partying

Hailey Glasnovich December 10, 2022

Christmas Extravaganza at Augustana is one of the biggest party events for the entire campus. It could be considered an unofficial Augie “tradition,” but that does not make it a good one. Extrav...

Augie should strive toward safe spaces for all

Emmeline Kenealy December 10, 2022

As college campus populations grow more diverse, administrators must strive to make all members of the campus community feel welcome.  Evidenced by the mass shooting at Club Q, sometimes “safe spaces”...

Easy views, extra harassment: Streaming as a female

Emmeline Kenealy November 26, 2022

Trigger warning: rape and sexual harassment Gender differences on streaming platforms have been the subject of prominent discussion among the entertainment community. They exist within every form of...

Heating at Augustana: A constant battle

Heating at Augustana: A constant battle

Hailey Glasnovich November 26, 2022

Walking into nearly any building on Augustana’s campus, a student never really knows what to expect, temperature-wise. It can feel like one is still outside in freezing temperatures or in the Sahara...

Approving crypto with emojis: FTX bankruptcy casts doubt on validity of cryptocurrency

Chloe Baxter November 26, 2022

On Nov. 11, cryptocurrency exchange FTX filed for bankruptcy, revealing gross financial mismanagement that casts doubt on the validity of crypto as a currency and a need for regulation of the crypto market. Cryptocurrency...

Warming up to climate change: The limit of individual action

Emmeline Kenealy November 20, 2022

Climate activists with Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion and other organizations cycled across a private jet runway and chained themselves to aircraft at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam on Nov. 5. These protesters...

Misguided perceptions gobble up Thanksgiving traditions

Hailey Glasnovich November 20, 2022

Often being overshadowed by Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving is the holiday that most college students greatly associate with a break. More students should emphasize it as a holiday with merit and...

It’s Not So Yeezy: looking at art free of the artist

It’s Not So Yeezy: looking at art free of the artist

Chloe Baxter November 20, 2022

In early October, rapper and designer Kanye ‘Ye’ West donned a “White Lives Matter” t-shirt, an anti-black move he later followed with anti-semitic tweets and interviews.  This disturbing trend...

Augustana students play soccer on the field.

Giving the United States a “goal” to appreciate soccer more

Kyle King November 20, 2022

As an avid fan and follower of all major North American sports (American Football, Hockey, Baseball and Basketball), I wish that soccer could be more ingrained into the American mind other than the quadrennial...

Election Day for College Students?

Hailey Glasnovich November 12, 2022

Election Day is one of the most important days of the year for citizens to have an impact on the state and national scale.  A lot of Augustana College students do not vote. According to the Augustana...

Supreme Court threats to affirmative action endanger campus diversity and opportunity

Chloe Baxter November 12, 2022

Colleges across the United States have been free to use affirmative action in admission decisions to contribute to campus diversity, but recent Supreme Court arguments jeopardize this.  Brittanica...

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