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Is the proposed Tiktok ban really necessary?

Elise Brenner

Picture this: you are exhausted from your day of school and extracurriculars, and the world seems heavy on your shoulders. All you want to do is kick back and relax to drown out all the noises of life. 

That’s when TikTok comes into the picture. 

Tiktok is an app made for entertainment such as dancing, humor and everything in between. The app is roaring in popularity and has been since quarantine. 

As a frequent consumer of TikTok since 2019, I have noticed a pattern of concern when it comes to my screen time with the app and have noticed the evolution of… brain rot. 

Not mine necessarily, but in humor and conversations in general. 

Despite that, TikTok is just an app. Just like Snapchat, Instagram or BeReal, TikTok is an app to give us entertainment and a sense of expression. 

Sophomore Leslie Gamez said why she opposes the TikTok ban. 

“Honestly, TikTok is my first form of entertainment, but I feel like it has its ups and downs,” Gamez said. “I would be upset to know that my right to the app is taken and we would not have a say.”

TikTok is also known for its ability to convey current events in the world. 

Our generation doesn’t focus on televised news, so they bring the news through the app. 

While the news accounts are conveying the information, people on the app can bring different opinions and perspectives to the table, which can help with understanding or comprehending the issues or information. 

Students would not be happy with the decision to ban TikTok because not only is it entertaining for us to watch, but it is also a form of expression as well. 

As cringy as it can be, TikTok is a way where people can share their stories, opinions and emotions. 

Sometimes it’s through humor and sometimes it’s through singing or dancing… or even lip syncing, and sometimes, the video is just plain stupid, but in a humorous way. 

Sophomore Diego Catalan said there could be possible effects on the Augustana campus community if the TikTok ban follows through. 

“Personally, I believe that many people in the Augustana community connect on TikTok, whether they are a common student or in any organization. Many people can connect through our silly dances to our current events,” Catalan said. “We would be losing a major resource.”

I believe that the banning of TikTok would be damaging. 

Trends have been coming and going for years, but TikTok takes trends to another level. 

Not only do we have inside jokes within our whole generation through the app, but it gives us a sense of community and unites us together. 

Generation Z is known for our courage and strong voices, and there is no doubt that TikTok is a part of that. 

The government can change it to its standards if needed, but taking the whole app away would be doing more harm than good. 

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