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Environmental Justice Issue – pdf

May 17, 2023

Environmental Justice News Magazine

Environmental Justice Issue Cover

Environmental Justice Issue Cover

May 17, 2023

Front and back cover design by Alyssa Duckett. Final Front & Back Covers

View of the Slough and the Swanson bridge in the fall, 2011.
Courtesy of Augustana College Special Collections.

Slough water ebbs and flows through history at Augustana

Kayla Palliser May 17, 2023

It’s hard to imagine a day at Augustana without the Slough. Students walk along the pathway, watch the colors change out their windows, joke about how it smells and race in boats down the water during...

Photo courtesy of the Sierra Club.

Letter to the Editor: The Sierra Club

May 17, 2023

Dear Editor, In these last few weeks as we wander campus smelling the fresh blooms and taking in the leaves, I’m reminded of people’s ability to appreciate their environment. As I was leaving Swenson...

Protecting the Mississippi River

Aubrey Lathrop May 17, 2023

For Quad Cities native Kai Swanson, the river has had a presence in many aspects of life. He has many stories of hiking around Sylvan Island and riding bikes alongside the riverbanks. However, one of the...

The black squirrel: Augustana College’s unofficial mascot

The black squirrel: Augustana College’s unofficial mascot

Allie Rial and Caitlin Campbell May 17, 2023

When first touring Augustana as a prospective student, one of the most striking things noticed around campus are the black squirrels. Before coming to Augustana, many people are unaware of the existence...

Recycling prominent on campus

Recycling prominent on campus

Priyanjana Chaudhary May 17, 2023

A sustainability report released by Augustana College in 2021 reports the work that has been done and that Augustana continues to do with recycling. According to the report, the goals were to increase...

Climate protests call for change

Feven Zewdu May 17, 2023

Several years ago, a protest on climate change led to lasting impacts at Augustana College. On Sept. 20, 2019, students of Augustana College gathered to speak on the issues that they saw and the changes...

GIS discussions with Hannah Weber

GIS discussions with Hannah Weber

Carly Davis May 17, 2023

Staff member Carly Davis spoke with senior geography major Hannah Weber about grass types, GIS programs and groundskeeper services. CD: Did you come to Augie to do GIS? HW: I didn’t have any idea...

GIS leads Lead Service Line Project

Sarah Villani May 17, 2023

Working to map the lead water service lines in Rock Island, Augustana College is collaborating with the city to work on the Lead Service Line Project. Announced last July by President Andrea Talentino,...

Chris Woods mows the lawn through the quad.

Biodiversity is under threat

Molly Sweeney May 17, 2023

Invasive plants and animals have changed the biological diversity within Augustana College and the greater Quad Cities area in the last several years, according to Dr. Tierney Brosius, associate professor...

Climate positivity remains crucial

Chloe Baxter May 17, 2023

When considering the issue of global warming, it’s easy to be a cynic. The ice caps are melting, killing polar bears and penguins. Sea levels are rising, pushing whole nations underwater. It’s true,...

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Environmental Justice Issue