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Another national day, another post

Scroll through your Twitter, Facebook, or even Instagram timeline and you’ll see that it’s a national day commemorating guacamole, lemonade, ice cream, and so on. The list gets longer and random as we go through our days for the year.
I’m not sure if these national days are to help businesses promote their services or products, to distract us from something, or to simply just highlight something random when nothing really is going on.
However, they seem to be happening more frequently and almost every day now. They can get annoying with posts simply focusing on that instead of more “hard news” or relevant information possibly about the current presidential election, foreign relations, and so on.
Yet, I enjoy that they are popular enough to get something trending for the day on our favorite social media websites. They can turn into funny memes or even sometimes serious posts that draw attention to certain human rights or diseases that a lot of people care about.
It’s nice to have a variety in the content that we are exposed to on our social media websites for the simple fact that not everyone enjoys talks about politics, guacamole, or even tacos (which I hope everyone likes).
It caters different content to different social media users to satisfy their needs of what they get out of their favorite websites.
Although there can be a national day dedicated to something you are not too concerned about, it still can be extremely relevant or important to another user. It’s important to understand we are all viewers together and that we keep social media maintaining its popularity the more we use it.
As a community of people using social media all around the globe, lets celebrate one another and acknowledge that we are in the age of social media as together as can be.

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Another national day, another post