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Letter to the Editor: Senior prom date excludes track students

Editor’s note: This piece was submitted by senior Mike Hudson. 

As a delegated representative of the Augustana Track and Field team, I am currently at odds with the OSL for their lack of due diligence in setting the date for the “make-up prom” that is set on May 3rd as it is the exact time as Track’s Outdoor Conference Championship that is being held at Augustana.

This is troubling considering this is the largest sporting event that can be held at the school with well over a thousand people attending and the OSL decided that was a good time to hold this unique event catered towards Seniors. Meanwhile, 20+ seniors on the track team will be unable to attend with potentially more from other sports teams as they are recruited to help run a lot of the events, tables, and concessions, etc.

I have personally talked to President Talentino about how troubling this is and how this will be the second time for a lot of these seniors we will be slighted out of a prom experience. Unfortunately she passed the buck and responsibility to Wes Brooks but she expressed her sympathy.

I then expressed my deep concern to Wes Brooks in a well developed email that has not been responded to in a week. Right after emailing him however, to add insult to injury, the email urging seniors to RSVP was sent out.

I emailed the originators who work through the OSL and they patronized me with false information about their due diligence and said they will try to see what they can do about the date.

It is quite clear they intend to sit on their hands so I thought this would be a great way to spread awareness of the groups (Greek Life also has conflicts with the date they chose) being slighted from an opportunity that should be enjoyed at least by all. Especially the groups that are supported by and proudly represent Augustana.

I believe this is something that other Seniors and student groups should be made aware of and I would love if the Observer could help us make that happen. I’m willing to provide more information if needed, but I firmly believe the more time that goes by, the more the OSL will be concrete in their poorly made decision.

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