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Augie students love fun events at school, but not at the cost of their education

Augie students love fun events at school, but not at the cost of their education

Taylor Roth May 11, 2024

Throughout the entire academic year, the Office of Student Life (OSL) puts on events on campus for students to go to. Depending on the event, students can participate and create great memories that they...

Communities in greek life, but not if you’re joining as an upperclassmen

Taylor Roth May 4, 2024

Joining a sorority is one of the many college “rites of passage” that many students may want to be a part of to make great memories to look back on. However, some students, including myself, who rushed...

Just winging it: Erickson’s cost crisis

Just winging it: Erickson’s cost crisis

Taylor Roth April 27, 2024

Throughout the 2023-24 academic year, the B wing in the sophomore residence building Erickson has been undergoing renovations.  However, this does not mean the price tag will be any different for students...

Positivity is great… except when it’s toxic

Taylor Roth April 20, 2024

Acting positive all the time can make a person seem more likeable, but forced positivity can do more harm than good. Expressing positivity isn’t and shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. However, when...

Religious Freedom Restoration: A new name for discrimination

Charlie Roiland and Taylor Roth March 23, 2024

Iowa is notorious for introducing legislation that restricts the rights of already marginalized populations while benefiting the dominant people in society. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act is no...

Injured? Hope it’s not the weekend!

Injured? Hope it’s not the weekend!

Taylor Roth March 16, 2024

Life is unpredictable: going for a walk may seem like a casual, normal outing, but it may result in a sprained ankle if not careful. Now, if you have a doctor and good health insurance then there is no...

Menu mayhem: Navigating campus’ nutritional needs

Menu mayhem: Navigating campus’ nutritional needs

Taylor Roth March 9, 2024

Attending college can be daunting for some students, along with the classes and other groups they participate in, but one of the things they don’t usually need to worry about as much is where they can...

Big Brother meets artificial intelligence

Taylor Roth March 2, 2024

Progress through technology has greatly improved since the time of Pong and Pac-Man, evolving with every technological boom. But there is concern over its jurisdiction and how powerful it can be. Certain...

To pledge or not to pledge, that is the question

Taylor Roth February 24, 2024

Greek Life is one of the many clubs and organizations that Augustana students can join. Joining a Greek group can be fun, help students meet new people and present leadership opportunities. However, pledging,...

Not enough winter salt at Augustana… Better not fall!

Not enough winter salt at Augustana… Better not fall!

Taylor Roth December 9, 2023

As colder weather envelopes us in its harsh temperatures, Augustana students have another hurdle to cross as they walk to class: slipping on unsalted ice.  With winter approaching faster than we can...

Who are you again? Oh, the guest speaker

Taylor Roth November 25, 2023

Going to class day-to-day is part of the college experience, with the usual tests and quizzes popping up out of the blue and the rare chances professors let students out of class early. However, on the...

Be our guest! But not during winter break

Taylor Roth November 18, 2023

As the first half of the fall semester reaches its climax, students are more than ready to leave campus and celebrate the holidays surrounded by loved ones and good food.  However, a chunk of students...

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