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Be our guest! But not during winter break

As the first half of the fall semester reaches its climax, students are more than ready to leave campus and celebrate the holidays surrounded by loved ones and good food. 

However, a chunk of students are unfortunately unable to experience the holiday season with their family because of the short break, combined with the limited food options on Augustana over break. 

The dining hall, Gus’ Snack Bar and the Westerlin Market are dining options that provide students with the opportunity to get a quick meal or to sit down and chat. 

The food options range from burgers and salads to the famous Bang Bang chicken students line up for every time it is served. 

However, as holiday breaks inch closer and closer, so does the closing of student dining options, which will no longer be available for students who have to remain on campus. 

Without the dining options on campus, students are limited in where they can go to get breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

It is not uncommon to see students stock up on food in the Westerlin Market before the break begins. 

This is an unfortunate circumstance that needs to be fixed, which is why Augustana should offer greater accessibility of meals for students who remain on campus during breaks. 

It is shocking that dining options on campus are closed on breaks with few-to-no options for hungry students. 

Yes, some students could drive to the grocery store. 

However, not everyone has the privilege of owning a vehicle, including myself. 

Students can order food through meal delivery apps. 

However, this method can get expensive due to added fees, tipping and how much the restaurant charges for the food. 

Students also have the option of using the Campus Kitchen, available to all students if they request meals before November 16. 

Pick up times for the orders placed are 7-8 p.m. on the evenings of November 19 and 20, with the possibility of arranging additional accommodations. 

As this is one of the only options on campus, the food may be limited. 

If Augustana were to offer meals during the break, with shortened hours and less staff, students would still have access to food during break periods. 

If these changes were made, we would no longer have to worry about how and where they will get their food. 

Another option would be to have the Westerlin Market open during the break, again with limited hours due to being short-staffed. This would help students have ease of access to food. 

I believe that if these small improvements were to be made, it would give students more peace of mind when trying to figure out what and when their next meal will be during breaks.

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