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Accessibility Issue - pdf

Accessibility Issue – pdf

May 10, 2024

Accessibility News Magazine

Remote learning allows for equity

Remote learning allows for equity

Charlie Roiland May 10, 2024

When people hear that someone is going to college, they often picture the person walking across campus, attending in-person lectures and likely even living in a dorm building. But for count- less students...

New Reading Day will work to minimize fall semester burnout

New Reading Day will work to minimize fall semester burnout

Morin Windle May 10, 2024

Students of Augustana are constantly encouraged to create change in our communities. However, that is not always easy to do, and change requires a high level of commitment and dedication. In order to create...

Captioning Augustana promotes student learning and accessibility

Captioning Augustana promotes student learning and accessibility

Lexi Woodcock May 10, 2024

For Stacie Hatfield, assistant professor of communication science and disorders (CSD) and director of the Barabara A. Roseman Center for Speech, Language and Hearing, captioning on videos played in the...

Community calls for inclusive education while navigating accommodations

Rae Barry May 10, 2024

In the midst of classes, exams and preparing for the transition to college, Delaney Walsh received her diagnosis of Stargardt’s disease during her junior year of high school.  Stargardt’s is a...

Students work overtime for accommodations

Students work overtime for accommodations

Linh Tran and Molly Sweeney May 10, 2024

In 2019, Augustana College welcomed its first Director of Disability Services, Kam Williams. Since then, Augustana has worked to offer academic accommodations, a person to advocate for students with disabilities...

The Office of Disability Services provides students with accommodations a brand new testing office to take tests by themselves in the learning commons in Olin 320.

Academic accommodations leave students hoping for more

Molly Sweeney May 10, 2024

A new testing accommodations office opened up this academic year, available for students who have accommodations to use for tests. At this time, quiz accommodations are still not available for students,...

From IDEA to action: Bridging the college gap for students with disabilities

Chloe Baxter May 10, 2024

In our nation's educational landscape, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) stands as a beacon of inclusivity, promising all children with disabilities access to a free appropriate public...

Some disabilities are invisible

Jack Brandt May 10, 2024

I wasn’t exactly a normal kid. I learned to speak early, and from there it only intensified. On long road trips across the country, I would talk the entire time. I had unique interests. My parents brought...

The Obama Bridge leads to stars to get to Swanson Commons.

Obama Bridge: the challenges of creating an accessible campus

Sylvia Hughes May 10, 2024

Students on Augustana’s campus take the same paths and shortcuts every day. Whether they trek up the Olin Stairs or take Gerber’s first-floor elevator to avoid the stairs, these mindless shortcuts...

Dimitrios Jason Stalides, Director of the Office of Disability Services, works in his office inside the Learning Commons in Olin 320 at Augustana College.

Accessibility awareness around campus

Allie Rial May 10, 2024

When thinking about Augustana, every student knows the effort it takes to face the classloads and surplus of stairs and hills. But, despite the daily challenges everyone has in common, not every student...

Augustana approaches universal learning

Abbey Mondi May 10, 2024

Augustana College offers several tutoring services for students but this does not include specialized tutoring sessions for students with learning disabilities. Instead of offering specialized tutors,...

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