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The housing lottery is stressful, but it is a system that works

The housing lottery is stressful, but it is a system that works

Bethany Abrams April 28, 2021

As a first-year student and rising sophomore, this was my first experience with Augustana College’s housing lottery. As expected, it was quite a stressful time waiting and watching all the available...

Commuter students bring in new perspectives to residential students

Celeaciya Olvera April 15, 2021

Every student that graduated from high school has an important question to ask themselves, “What am I going to do now?” For some students, it may be enlisting into the military or finding a job. For...

First-year student tells story of sexual assault

Olivia Doak March 3, 2021

Trigger Warning: This article contains a graphic depiction of sexual assault and violence with the consent of the survivor. First-year Ella Roadruck was sexually assaulted in her dorm room on Thursday,...

Westerlin: false advertisement for incoming students

Michelle Quinn November 7, 2019

It is common knowledge that there are three first-year residence halls on campus: Seminary, Andreen and Westerlin. Westerlin, a.k.a. Westie, obviously being the superior of the three because of countless...

Upperclassmen hunt for housing

Dina Marin October 3, 2019

When looking for senior housing, students may feel lost and overwhelmed at the amount of information circulating. However, the process of finding a house can be navigable with advice from knowledgeable...

Joe Sagar to begin new job at Lawrence University

Joe Sagar to begin new job at Lawrence University

Jordan Cone April 12, 2018

Joe Sagar, the Assistant Director of Residential Life and assistant soccer coach to the Augustana men and women’s soccer teams, will begin a new job as the head women’s soccer coach at Lawrence University...

Construction on Westerlin’s W-Wing

February 2, 2017

Despite rumors that the new structure on top of Westerlin's W-wing is a "new CA lounge," the construction being done on top of the W-wing roof will serve a more functional purpose. According to Joseph...

Jamie Thulin, Jack Kotowski, Hanna Pegarsch, and Jordan Ford celebrate Christmas Extrav

Campus prepares for holiday festivities

December 15, 2016

The drop in temperature didn’t stop students from partaking in holiday festivities over the weekend, with many students donning festive holiday outfits and embracing the cold weather, more often with...

Erickson experiences vandalism

May 4, 2016

Recent vandalism in the Erickson dormitory hall displayed ideas associated with Nazi ideology. The damages can range from $100-200. “I got an email from one of my residents saying there was a swastika...

ORL switches up the housing process

March 17, 2016

It is about that time to ask our roommates if they can still put up with us to for next year. Some of us convince our roommates to agree to stay with us for another year so that we can change into better...

Junior Mylaun Griffith stops by and signs a pledge to recycle. Photo by LuAnna Gerdemann.

Student raises awareness about recycling on campus

October 23, 2015

Junior Krista Dawson, an environmental studies major, set up a table in the lower quad near the library on Friday, Oct. 23 to raise awareness about recycling on campus. Dawson made signs that educated students...

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