“Overheard at Augie” submission goes viral

Developing story: check out augustanaobserver.com for the latest details. Transcript of the video below. WARNING: transcript includes vulgar, sexual, violent language. 
Since its release early this morning on April 16, an anonymous video submission through the  “Overheard at Augie”  Twitter account appears to show a conversation between students discussing a physical act.
The video been viewed more than 54,000 times. That number is increasing by hundreds of views every minute as the video circulates.
The video, darkly-lit and without setting, features a conversation between three male speakers and one female speaker. All parties seem to be discussing a physical act in the past that involved one “girl.”
One male speaker expresses his concern that a female might take action against him through the college.
With phrases like “Probably ‘cuz shes soft. She doesn’t know what college is… college is all about sex” and “I can literally say that never happened,” the video has generated reactions of initial shock and disturbance.
The Observer cannot confirm the identity of anyone in the video. However, the speakers identified themselves as students of Augustana: “It’s America… We’re not going to Augustana College in [expletive] Canada.”
Because the post comes without context or visuals, it is unclear at this time what the specific purpose and circumstances of the conversation were, who recorded it and why they chose to submit it.
This is a developing story.

TRANSCRIPT of the Conversation

WARNING: Includes vulgar, sexual, violent language

Run time: 1 minute and 40 seconds

Person 1: Fucking. She’s so hyped over herself, like get over yourself.
Person 2: Right. Dumb bitch.
Person 1: You’re a bitch.
Person 1: Like I’ll never fucking talk to this girl again. Every time I see her, it’s the fucking middle finger. She’s trying to fuck me. She’s trying to literally fuck me by using the fucking school against me.
Person 2: Literally don’t worry.
Person 1: I am bro, ‘cuz this school is fucking gay about shit like that. It really is. I can literally say that that never happened.
Person 2: Right. And they can’t do shit about that.
Person 3: No, that’s not cool still, man. I mean if you didn’t do anything, you didn’t do anything.
Person 1: I didn’t do anything. I literally said ‘give me a hug’
Person 3: Don’t like deny that you weren’t there.
Person 1: Well if they try fucking me, then I’m going to. You’re weirded out.
Person 2: I’m weirded out by a lot of shit. God. Dude. People, hey. People in this world are way too soft. It’s legit. Dude they’re way too soft. Like literally, they get mad about anything. And it’s like –
Person 1: Yeah, ‘cuz she’s a fucking bitch –
Person 2: Probably ‘cuz she’s soft. She doesn’t know what college is –
Person 1: She’s a fucking bitch. That’s fucking why –
Person 2: College is all about sex so I mean, let it happen.
Person 4: [female voice] Oh –
Person 2: If you’re going to bang-let it bang.
Person 1: Bro, fuck her, dude.
Person 2: And third, like don’t be so soft. Like it’s America. Freedom of speech.
Person 4: [laughing] It’s America.
Person 2: Sorry we’re not in fucking Canada. We’re not going to Augustana College in fucking Canada.
– laughter-
Person 2: God. Jesus H.
Person 1: Nah, this school is fucking bullshit though. If I actually get in trouble I’m literally – I’m leaving bro.  
Person 2: Yeah, my sister’s a lawyer, bro. She’ll beat her ass.
Person 2: Trust me.
Person 4: Okay –
Person 2: My whole family’s like lawyers. And they would fuck any of them up in court. So they honestly can’t even try. Like don’t try. Why, why try? You’re just going to get fucked in court –
Person 4: Right –
Person 2: You’re going to lose money.