Top five COVID-safe food spots in the QC

Phea Gonzalez

At this point, some people may be getting tired of the food available on campus. There’s still a need to follow COVID-19 protocols, though, and with many restaurants beginning to move indoors for the winter, there’s a greater worry of where it is safe to eat. Luckily, in the Quad Cities, it’s hard to run out of great options.
Note: All of these places are vegetarian (and some vegan) friendly, so there doesn’t have to be any worry about not having options for those with a plant-based diet.

  1. La Rancherita, Rock Island

When it comes to Mexican food, La Rancherita is a classic in the Quad Cities. They are only doing pick-up at the moment, so there isn’t the stress that comes with the people delivering food having interactions in and outdoors with customers
La Rancherita isn’t too far from campus, and the prices are very affordable, so it’s perfect for any student who doesn’t have a car and/or extra spending money.

La Rancherita, 10/23/2020, Rock Island. Photo by Bri Berndt.

  1. LemonGrass Cafe, Moline

For those looking for some delicious Asian-fushion, LemonGrass is a perfect option. They are a bit pricier, in about the twelve to fifteen dollar range, but their meals are worth it and about to move to pick-up only after outdoor seating becomes unavailable.
Seeing as it is a little out of walking distance, it may be difficult for some students to get their food. They also deliver, so there isn’t much worry about if someone can’t make it out to downtown Moline.

LemónGrass Cafe, 10/23/2020, Moline. Photo by Bri Berndt.

  1. Curry-Out, Rock Island

Fresh to order Indian food has never been quite as delicious as Curry-Out. A newer addition to the area, they certainly bring another incredible option for foodies, and, as the name suggests, they are strictly carry-out.
They are right next to Cool Beanz, so it makes for another close walk to pick-up food. They do delivery as well, so if someone cannot get off campus, they can still get some delicious Indian food. Make sure to note the level of spice for curry, though!

Curry-Out, 10/23/2020, Rock Island. Photo by Bri Berndt.

  1. Fat Sacks QC, Davenport

For comfort American food, there’s no better place than the stationary food truck. There are only a few people who work there, and their operation dates are only Thursday through Saturday, so the contact rates between them and customers is much less than expected from other restaurants.
There is a pick-up window inside of Kilkenny’s pub, but the main one that people would get their food from when passing by is on the street. People are required to order before they pick up their meals, and the operation goes smoothly at the pick-up window, so there doesn’t have to be any stress about waiting in line around strangers.

Fat Sacks QC, 10/23/2020, Davenport. Photo by Bri Berndt.

  1. Oishii Hibachi & Sushi, Moline

As the name suggests, Oishii is a Japanese restaurant, and offers some very great options. The way that they have taken the safety of people is extremely unique, taking it above and beyond its competitors.
They have built a six foot wooden pulley system at the pick-up window. Whenever guests come to pick up their meals, they ask for the name, put the order on the tray and send it over to the customer, pulling it back as soon as they have grabbed their bags. There is also hand sanitizer on the customer side of the pulley, so customers can be assured that their health is in good hands.

Oishii Hibachi & Sushi, 10/23/2020, Moline. Photo by Bri Berndt.