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December 9, 2023

How party culture on campus is normal


Augie being a small, liberal arts college means a lot of things are different from other colleges. Particularly, party culture here. 
“Party Culture” is what people make it. No matter what college students are going to have the choice: to party or not to party. This is a decision that each individual gets to make for themselves. If students want to go out — they will. But there is no one forcing others to party. So if they want to stay in — they will.
There is nothing wrong with disliking party culture. Some people would rather stay inside instead of going out to a house party with loud music, lots of people and alcohol. This is not everyone’s preferred environment.
It is important to understand that no one is going to lose respect for someone who chooses not to go out. There is a plethora of other activities for college students who choose not to party. 
Having a social life in college is important. So here at Augustana, we have so many opportunities to branch out and enjoy a fun night with friends, whether you’re into the party culture or not.
Specifically, my friends and I have had movie nights, spa nights and game nights. I even know of people who planned an on campus scavenger hunt to do with their friends. 
Additionally, the Office of Student Life (OSL) does a great job of planning fun events for students to attend on the weekends. These events include activities like bingo, comedians, improv teams and even live music.
Not only is there always a planned event by the OSL, but there are also events on campus that students can go to for entertainment. There are sporting events,  Heywire Improv shows, plays, musicals and more.
Party culture is often associated with Greek Life. Here at Augustana, 23 percent of men are in a frat and 39 percent of women are in a sorority. However, not everyone who is in Greek Life parties. Likewise, you do not have to be in Greek Life to party. Going out to parties is a decision for each student to make. 
There is also a misconception that those who do choose to party get blackout drunk all the time. In reality, partiers at Augie drink safely and responsibly. I can confidently say that, in my experience, there are members of Greek Life who still have fun going to events sober.
Greek groups do not just party.  Last year, I went with Alpha Psi Omega to attend their Semi-Formal at the Elevate Trampoline Park. This was an extremely fun event with no alcohol involved. 
Greek Life at Augustana is about service, sister/brotherhood and giving back to the school and community.  
There are continuous misconceptions about Greeks and parties. But, more often than not, the sororities and fraternities on campus host events that can be attended by all students. For example, the sorority Chi Alpha Pi recently hosted Mr. Augustana. The money fundraised for this event went to the American Cancer Society.
Recently, the ladies of Zeta Phi Kappa started hosting an annual Gala. The money from this event was donated to the Boys and Girls Club. The Sigma Kappa Tau sorority also hosts Augie’s Got Talent in which the proceeds go to Camp Kesem. 
Outside those events, Greek Life is constantly taking action to give back to our community. To name a few, the money fundraised gets donated to charities like Animal Shelters (Delta Chi Theta and Delta Omega Nu), Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (Phi Omega Phi), Argow’s House of Healing and Hope (Phi Rho), Closet2Closet (Rho Nu Delta and Sigma Pi Delta), Winnie’s Place (Chi Omega Gamma) and Wounded Warriors (Alpha Sigma Xi).
If you don’t want to party, then try to plan a fun night in with friends. Students need to stop complaining that there isn’t anything to do on campus if you aren’t involved in Greek Life. Augustana offers a multitude of opportunities for its students.
Michelle Quinn is a member of the Phi Rho sorority.
Graphic by Alyssa Duckett/Observer Staff

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How party culture on campus is normal