Why students have trimester nostalgia

Michelle Quinn

As a current sophomore on this campus, it is clear to me that my peers are not enjoying this semester change. The returning students have all had to re-adjust to semesters and it has been a difficult transition. Here are the top six reasons why we are upset.

(6). The lunch rush

Good luck eating on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Anyone who tries to eat lunch on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday now has a lunch rush in their schedule. It is almost impossible to get food on these days because so many people only have one break at 11:10 a.m.

There is a pressure to hurry up and eat before the next class. If you are not one of the first people to get to the dining center, you get stuck in a line that stretches all the way down to the Brew. If you decide to wait for the lines to disappear then you are stuck with the cold, leftover scraps.

While there are other on-campus locations to eat, such as the Snack Bar and Brew, those lines are also long. Specifically, the Snack Bar lines go up the Brunner stairs. If the semester schedule is set in stone, there needs to be another location on campus that offers hot food to students so they can still eat and make it to their classes on time.

(5.) Semesters are too long compared to trimesters

Week 5 is no longer the Halfway Mark. The exhaustion of 14 week classes is clearly taking a toll. The switch added about a month more of school per term. Last year, week five meant we were halfway done! Now, week five means nothing. By the time we get to the halfway mark students are already drained. Midterms lasted from week four to week eight and there is such a toll and pressure throughout the remaining weeks.

(4.) One day is not a fall break

Nice try Augie. Last year we all had a nice week-long fall break at the end of the first trimester, and then another break for Thanksgiving. The fact that we only have one day for fall break this year is unfortunate. That is truly not enough time for people to travel home to see their families. Especially if they are involved in any type of on-campus activities requiring them to stay the weekend. With this short break, most students are being forced to wait 13 weeks before they are able to see their families for Thanksgiving break.

(3.) Professors are not making the change any easier

The professors have been very discombobulated by the semester transition as well. It is a new experience for everyone and we are all trying to adapt as best we can. With so many changes, this year feels like the students on campus are all guinea pigs. We have become accustomed to the quick pace under trimesters.

However, it seems like our professors are trying to add even more content because they think we have more time. In all honesty, it was easier to grind for 10 weeks.

(2.) Certain majors and minors are screwed

On a trimester schedule, it was possible for students to easily double and even triple major with some minors. This semester schedule inhibits students from double majoring unless their courses have overlapping classes. For certain majors, they are forced to take heavy class loads both semesters to graduate on time.

(1.) Existence bias

The number one reason why the returning students hate semesters: existence bias. In simple terms, existence bias is when people prefer an existing state (being trimesters), more than the current state (semesters).

This is why the first-years are not upset. There is no change for them. So let’s try our best to get over this change that we do not like and stop complaining. If the first-years can do it, so can we!