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December 9, 2023

Transphobia in new ban

Recently the Supreme Court accepted the Trump administration’s partial ban on transgender troops. This now reverses what the Obama administration requested in 2016: transgender people who are already serving in the military and those who are willing to serve under their born sex, can serve. Although pentagon officials are still trying their best to keep their transgender troops safe, Trump’s policy attempted to revoke all of that. Officials said that there is no need to enforce this policy while these cases are moving forward and the outcomes are still up in the air.
Personally, I think that the passing and enforcement of this policy is really just spreading transphobia. Trump’s new policy is unnecessary.
It’s discriminatory towards transgender people. By granting this policy, the Supreme Court basically said that it’s okay to discriminate transgender people. It’s obviously not okay to discriminate against anyone, but there are people who will jump on any opportunity they can get to bring anyone who is not like them down. And the Supreme Court just gave them that opportunity. I do understand if being around transgender people makes some people nervous or uncomfortable, but I do not think that that is an excuse to be discriminatory.
There is so much hate going around in the world and I think that this policy just enforces that message. Hate has become somewhat of a norm in society now. We hate people who are different because of how they dress, do their hair, what they believe in, or who they love. Just because someone chooses to live differently than what is considered normal, does not mean we have the right to tell them what they can and cannot do.
The transgender people who were serving in the military before this were using their biological sex bathroom and dormitories, which they may not have wanted, but it at least allowed them to be able to serve their country. Just because a person chooses to live a certain lifestyle doesn’t mean they should be discriminated against or not be given the opportunity to serve our country.
I think that this new policy brought on by the Trump administration and granted by the Supreme Court, was unnecessary and careless. President Trump’s administration did not think about all the harm that this policy would be spreading.

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Transphobia in new ban