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December 9, 2023

Trump insults two female reporters

At the Rose Garden news conference given by the White House on Oct. 1, President Donald Trump insulted not only one, but two female reporters. The conference, hosted by the White House to discuss the recent trade deal made with Canada and Mexico, took an inappropriate and unprofessional turn when reporter Cecilia Vega of  ABC News attempted to ask President Trump questions concerning the Brett Kavanaugh case. After cutting Vega off, the President told Vega that “I know you’re not thinking. You never do.” The President even went as far as to say that Vega was “in a state of shock” that he had picked on her.
In addition to his comments to Vega, Trump insulted another female reporter, Kaitlan Collins of CNN. When Collins tried to ask a question concerning the Kavanaugh case, Trump said, “Don’t do that,” and literally wagged his finger at her. When Trump finally began to answer Kavanaugh questions, he came back and answered Collins’ question but cut her off again when she tried to ask another question by saying “You know what, you’ve really had enough.”
The fact the man who holds the most power in our country feels as though he can say whatever he wants to women only plays further into the misogyny of men. As if his nineteen sexual assault accusations and constant degrading racial slurs aren’t enough proof of his despicable behavior, Trump goes and insults working, respected women on national news. This type of behavior should never be tolerated, let alone from what should be the most respected position in America.
His behavior is nothing new: men throughout all of America have been acting this way towards women for years, but never as publicly as Trump has had the nerve to do. His actions just prove that man’s view of women haven’t changed; we are still viewed as something that can be silenced by a wave of a finger. Nothing has changed and nothing will change for the better with Trump as our President.
President Trump’s actions and words at this press conference only proved how immature and childish he really is. Not only did he openly disrespect and disregard a reporter in public – he and his colleagues found it humorous. Unfortunately, this has been the trend in America: laughing at a women’s expense. It is 2018, almost 2019. Crusty, white, rich old men need to get off their high horses and get over themselves. Women and men are equals. You can’t treat one with respect and not the other.
The blatant disrespect given to these women by the President of the United States of America while they were trying to carry out their jobs is appalling. This man is supposed to be a leader to our country and this is not the first time nor will it be the last, that his actions make him and our country look like total assholes.

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Trump insults two female reporters