Editorial: Bergendoff in need of care

The Augustana Observer staff believes it is necessary to make renovations to the Bergendoff Hall of Fine Arts a priority.
According to Kent Barnds,  in the Class of 2019 profile, one in four first-year students will participate in music.
With such a high number of students utilizing the building, it seems fitting that the college accelerate plans for such high traffic use of a facility by improving it.
While housing and services like CORE are important, it is necessary to continue the college’s dedication to providing a prosperous learning environment, and Bergendoff no longer can sustain those needs in the shape it is in.
It is in dire need of repair. The neglect to the building will lead to the loss of current and prospective students involved in the arts.
With plans for a new theater, it is only fitting that the accompanying buildings are also taken into account. Practice often makes a performance, and Bergendoff needs the attention of the college.