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Players on the esports team practice in new facility.

Augustana Esports team remains undefeated going into playoffs

Sarah Villani November 17, 2022

The Augustana Esports team is well into the season, with many of the teams making it into the playoffs next week. The “Valorant” and “League of Legends” teams are the top seeds.  “The goal...

The college experience: Ripped, see-through shower curtains and hand dryers that wake up the floor

The college experience: Ripped, see-through shower curtains and hand dryers that wake up the floor

Charlie Roiland February 26, 2022

Picture this: you come home from a long night at work, covered in grease and worn out. You’re looking forward to taking a nice hot shower and climbing into bed, so you grab your shower supplies and head...

Shifts in faculty and facilities’ role

Lan Anh (Rosie) Ong October 2, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, faculty members and staff in the facilities department have changed the way they approach their work to adapt to the hybrid learning model. Most faculty members have redesigned...

Students on the quad between Olin and Hanson walk to class in freezing temperatures. Photo by Emma Gannaway/Observer Staff.

Augustana closes campus due to life-threatening temperatures

Jordan Cone February 4, 2019

Augustana College announced on Monday, Jan. 28 that campus would close Wednesday, Jan. 30 due to dangerously cold winter temperatures. With a high of -13 and wind chill measurements reaching -50, conditions...

Taming of the Slough

December 7, 2017

For people walking the Swanson Slough path over the past couple months, erosion has been evident. To solve this problem, Augustana has put together a restoration plan: through the next months, workers...

Construction on Westerlin’s W-Wing

February 2, 2017

Despite rumors that the new structure on top of Westerlin's W-wing is a "new CA lounge," the construction being done on top of the W-wing roof will serve a more functional purpose. According to Joseph...

Facilities prepares campus for snow

Thea Gonzales December 9, 2016

Facilities and grounds are currently readying the Augustana campus for snowfall. According to Facilities Director, Joseph Scifo, facilities is presently well-equipped with stores of three types of snow...

Editorial: Bergendoff in need of care

September 14, 2015

The Augustana Observer staff believes it is necessary to make renovations to the Bergendoff Hall of Fine Arts a priority. According to Kent Barnds,  in the Class of 2019 profile, one in four first-year...

Board of Trustees approves plans for Westerlin renovations

October 21, 2014

Augustana’s Board of Trustees approved architectural plans for Westerlin Residence Hall earlier this month, which include air conditioning in dorm rooms among other renovations for the building. The...

Pressure on PepsiCo

Pressure on PepsiCo

February 21, 2014

Every Monday the thundering of footsteps can be heard clashing with the hum of the treadmills and the pounding of basketballs throughout the PepsiCo Recreation Center. Multiple factors, including weather...

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