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February 24, 2024

Facilities prepares campus for snow

Facilities and grounds are currently readying the Augustana campus for snowfall.
According to Facilities Director, Joseph Scifo, facilities is presently well-equipped with stores of three types of snow clearing materials: bulk salt, bag salt, and sand. As of Friday, Dec. 2, several facilities trucks have been equipped with snow ploughs.
Areas of priority on campus are main drives, areas around academic buildings like sidewalks and stairs, quad areas and residential halls as well as TLA houses. In addition to these areas, the slough path will also be salted and cleared in recognition of its connection to residential buildings.
“We don’t want the snow to bring any negative impact on class,” Scifo said. “You should check in with weather everyday so you can plan your schedule around it. Especially if you have a car and there’s snow the night before, you might need to get up early to shovel around your car because facilities doesn’t clear cars. If you’re driving, I would also recommend buying a shovel and putting it in your car.”
First-year student Madison McCobb originally hails from Simi Valley, CA and has never seen snow fall in her life.
“Everyone says it’ll be magical the first few times I see snow, so I’m kind of excited apart from the whole ‘it’s cold and annoying’ thing.” McCobb said, “But I’m worried about slipping on ice. That sounds kind of scary. If you hear about anyone falling along the slough or stairs, it’s probably going to be me.”
Some upperclassmen are concerned about the coming weather and how it will affect mobility on campus.
“There’s always blocks of ice in the middles of the sidewalks– especially the ones by Westie. I feel like last year they were better than my freshman and sophomore year, but the weather wasn’t as bad last year. Sometimes there was sand on the blocks of wood and it doesn’t really do anything,” senior Maeve Derrig said.
However, in the coming season of snow fall, Scifo urges students and faculty alike to be patient as snow clearing processes are happening.
“Be patient with us. We’re dealing with 150 acres of area, but we’ll get to what needs to be cleared. We’re currently in the process of filling the position of grounds manager, but it’s a team effort from all of us, so please be patient,” Scifo said.
He also advises against being on the slough and encourages smart thinking as snow is on its way.
“Stay on the sidewalk and stay off of the slough. Some people walk across it or play hockey, but if there’s water along the edge, the ice is not okay to walk on. In the past, we’ve had some people fall through the ice. Just think safe when it starts to snow,” Scifo said.

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Facilities prepares campus for snow