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College focus on charity, not booze

The upcoming Gamma Alpha Beta Buckethead Fundraiser on March 29th is the 30th anniversary of the event, and proceeds are being used to fund Augustana’s chapter of Camp Kesem. The idea of the event is that participants pay fifteen dollars for entry, and are able to enjoy themselves at a local off-campus bar. The fundraiser is purely drinking based and endorsed by Augustana College.
While I think that Camp Kesem is extremely admirable, I do not agree with Augustana’s endorsement of Buckethead itself. I realize that the fundraiser also offers non-alcoholic drinks, but let’s be real; the majority of students attending are going to actually drink.
Promoting college drinking, regardless of the legality, seems to be inviting a more party-like atmosphere into a campus already rife with partying.
Buckethead does bring in a lot of donations for the various organizations and charities it has sponsored throughout the years, but at what cost?
Underclassmen are still likely to be encouraged to participate, even if it is informally, even with limits and restrictions on the event itself. Regardless of whether or not the fundraiser causes more underage drinking, Augustana’s endorsement of a purely drinking based fundraiser simply does not sit well with me.
Is promoting widespread drinking the only way to raise money for particularly admirable causes, such as Camp Kesem? Is there no other method by which students would be wiling to ‘donate’ for charitable causes?
I find it sad that we have come to a point where raising money for good causes requires people to be overtly enticed. It speaks to an overarching cultural trend that no matter what the cause, everyone wants something in return.
Additionally, I imagine that along with all this drinking, the clean up for the event must be tremendous, which costs. These extra costs almost certainly reduce the ability of the fundraiser to actually raise money for the cause in question.
Overall, Augustana’s endorsement of this fundraiser sets an odd tone to for the college and is not the most efficient way to raise funds. It’s not a bad cause, but it’s a corrupt method. That being said, I do wish the Buckethead Fundraiser the best of luck in aiding Camp Kesem, and congratulations on your 30th anniversary.

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College focus on charity, not booze