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Is graduate school your next step?

My Nguyen November 13, 2021

Each of us has our own goals that we set for ourselves throughout our life. With education, there are different achievements that everyone chooses to celebrate. In high school, the end goal was to graduate....

Bright determination and dark hope in times of decline

Carly Davis November 6, 2021

A few days ago, one of my close friends broke his phone. He dropped it, and it snapped in half. It’s a flip phone. These things happen. He said it really only matters for me, since I’m the only...

Three lessons I’ve learned throughout the pandemic

Bethany Abrams May 4, 2021

It has been over a year since the first COVID-19 lockdown in the United States, and it is almost the end of the school year. Living through the pandemic for some of my senior year of high school and all...

The housing lottery is stressful, but it is a system that works

The housing lottery is stressful, but it is a system that works

Bethany Abrams April 28, 2021

As a first-year student and rising sophomore, this was my first experience with Augustana College’s housing lottery. As expected, it was quite a stressful time waiting and watching all the available...

Despite vaccines and Easter recess, COVID-19 has not ended

Despite vaccines and Easter recess, COVID-19 has not ended

Bethany Abrams April 16, 2021

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic in the United States, we have been hoping for a vaccine. Now, with three vaccines distributed to the public, it is a time of great excitement for many. However,...

Mental health effects of no spring break and how to overcome it

Mental health effects of no spring break and how to overcome it

Bethany Abrams March 23, 2021

In October 2020, Augustana College announced the change that spring break in the 2021 academic year will not be held. The Augustana College website states, “The goal of canceling spring break is to mitigate...

Declaring your major: Hesitancy is valid

Bethany Abrams March 16, 2021

On Feb. 13, an email was sent out to all first-year students at Augustana College regarding the eligibility to begin declaring majors. With an online form, declaring a major is an easy and quick process....

Faces of Resilience (part 3 of 4)

Faces of Resilience (part 3 of 4)

Jordan Cone May 21, 2020

During these uncertain times, the Observer has teamed up with Farrah Roberts, director of student well-being and resiliency, to launch the Faces of Resilience project, which spotlights members of the Augustana...

Marijuana will be legalized in January 2020

Aubrey Lathrop November 21, 2019

Recreational marijuana use and distribution will become legal in Illinois on Jan. 1, 2020. However, different restrictions can be placed on the industry by smaller legislations within the state, including...

Vests worn by Public Safety officers on November 8, 2019.

Two cars reported stolen from campus lots

Aubrey Lathrop November 14, 2019

Two car thefts have occurred at Augustana so far this semester, raising concerns about safety on campus. On Oct. 9, Junior Alyssa Twilbeck discovered that her car was stolen from the Erickson Hall parking...

Augustana Has A Service Animal Crisis

Kiera Kunstman November 14, 2019

For a person with a disability, a service animal becomes their own form of life support. A lot of staff and students don’t recognize how vital a service animal is, just because they have not been given...

Graphic by Kevin Donovan

Companies like Chipotle and McDonalds are scamming working students

Kiera Kunstman October 31, 2019

Tuition reimbursement is a well thought out scam provided by companies like Chipotle and McDonalds. Even with Starbucks’ reputable tuition reimbursement program, the company plays a significant role...

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