Augie Talks with Alec Straw

Ameliese Baehr-Ross

Alec Straw is a freshman on the Augustana men’s volleyball team. He is an outside/right side who has been playing volleyball for six years. I interviewed him on March 26, 2021 and asked a few questions about the Augie team and his experiences so far.
Q: Can you explain the position of being an outside/right side and the responsibilities of it?
A: An outside is normally the best all around player on the team. They are responsible for all aspects of the game on both offense and defense and rarely come out of the game. A right side is normally best in the front row only. They may be really good at attacking or a really good blocker to block the opposing outside.
Q: What is the hardest part about playing the position?
A: Outside is all about simply being a well-rounded athlete and having the ability to take on any task at any time. Right side is really about personally, being right handed can be a disadvantage so it can be a struggle to attack down the line.
Q: Have you always played that position? If not, when did you start?
A: I have always been a pin hitter throughout my volleyball career. I have dabbled in all other positions, but always found the pins to be home.
Q: Why did you start playing?
A: I had a really fun time playing in a rec league with my mom and figured I’d give it a shot and it stuck.
Q: Why did you choose to come to Augustana?
A: I had a really good relationship with the volleyball coaching staff, it was close to home and Augustana provides a great education and many opportunities.
Q: What is your favorite thing about volleyball?
A: I love the high intensity as well as the amazing people in the volleyball community you get to meet.
Q: Did you play other sports growing up?
A: I played almost every sport you can think of growing up, but I stuck with baseball and volleyball all through high school. I made a last minute decision to play volleyball in college over baseball.
Q: What’s the best part about being on the Augie team?
A: The group has a ton of fun and are some of the funniest guys I’ve ever met. They’re an easy group to bond with and form a brotherhood.
Q: What has been your favorite memory so far?
A: Beating both North Central and Loras as the underdog and proving ourselves as a team.
Q: Have there been anything or any skills that you have developed while playing volleyball that have helped you also in daily life, if so what are they and how have they helped?
A: The ability to make an error in volleyball and be able to quickly wash that from your memory and move on has been huge. In my everyday life I’ve learned to accept my failures and learn from them and not dwell on them. This is amazing for my mental health and personal growth.