Augie Talks: Hunter Love


Jannae Mehaffey

Q: What made you decide to join the golf team at Augustana?
A: I played all throughout high school, and I figured I might as well enjoy it while it lasts and enjoy these last four years of playing. And my brother was a senior here when I was a freshman, so he really talked me into it. 
Q: What was playing on the same team as your brother like?
A: It was a really competitive time during those first few seasons. We play in the fall and the spring. So in the fall, when I first got there, there was constant competition between me and him. We would go back and forth between who would have a better round. He really motivated me with that friendly, brotherly competition.
Q: What is your favorite golf memory so far at Augustana?
A: My favorite golf memory would probably be me shooting the best round of my collegiate career and then getting disqualified at the end of the round. In a way, it is the best and worst memory because I shot my best round, but then it didn’t even count.
Q: How did you get disqualified?
A: It was my first time playing a certain course and we started the round off on a different team marker than we were supposed to be on. We finished the whole round and then after I finished my best round, they called us out for starting at the wrong marker.
Q: Do you travel anywhere during the golf season?
We have done a trip to Texas during spring break which has also been some of my best memories so far. When we went, we played over 200 holes of golf in about five days. So we played like two rounds everyday at least. 
Q: Did you not get to travel last spring because sports got canceled?
A: We were supposed to go to Palm Springs, California and COVID-19 kind of ruined that. That probably would have ended up being my best memory just because they have so many courses down there, so it was definitely a bummer when it got canceled. 
Q: How has this year looked on the golf team with COVID-19 going on?
A: We had a lot of potential for a great season this last year. We had a lot of freshmen come in last year and our top eight were just really solid playing guys, but we found out we weren’t gonna have a season so we haven’t really been meeting as a team.  Even though golf is a pretty socially distanced sport, we just have been trying to get out there on our own. 
Q: What do you hope to accomplish with golf before you graduate?
A: I definitely want to break my average season shooting, like my average strokes per round. I also want to be a leader when it comes to being a senior for those incoming freshmen and just really get them motivated to continue to push through.