Staying in shape during quarantine

Nick Gainey

Due to Illinois COVID-19 regulations, many athletes, both in and out of season, lost access to gyms and other practice facilities. 
Despite the circumstances, athletes continued to work and improve in their sports. Many had to find new ways to stay in shape due to a lack of equipment and coaching. “I have a treadmill in my house, so I did that a lot,” Frank Giamarusti, sophomore and defensive back for the football team, said.
When it came to football-specific work, however, Giamarusti had fewer options. “I would go to a field with Xavier Buckley, who’s also on the team. We work on footwork stuff, catching balls, stuff like that,” Giamarusti said. Coaches also sent game film for the players to study.
Weight lifting was another challenging aspect for Giamarusti. “I couldn’t really weightlift until the beginning of summer, like toward the beginning of July, because that’s when places started opening,” Giamarusti said.The conditioning aspect of training was well covered though, as Giamarusti was still able to run on his treadmill, do push ups, sit ups and jump rope.
Some athletes had an easier time with staying active. “Luckily, I have a bunch of weights and a bench in my basement so I was able to lift weights when all the gyms closed,”
Ryan Bobrowski, sophomore soccer player, said. “I would go and play soccer with some of my friends from home, and we would have pick up games which was another great way to stay in shape.”
Spring athletes who had their seasons cancelled due to COVID-19 also had to manage their activity levels. “I did not have access to a gym during quarantine, but obviously as a collegiate athlete it is crucial to stay in shape, even in the offseason,” Janna George, sophomore infielder on the softball team, said .
“I wound up getting a bench from a close family friend and purchasing some weights. I did my workouts on my laundry room floor, as that seemed to be the only space I had. It was not what I would consider to be ideal, but I was able to get done what I needed to,” George said. “One of the most challenging parts of having to work out at home though, was not the equipment or space; it was being diligent and staying motivated.”
Augustana athletes now have access to campus facilities, and look forward to returning to competition in the near future.