Augie Talks with Jill Humecke

Katrina Scheer

Q: What was going through your head after you won the mile at the CCIW indoor meet?

A: “I was so happy! Going into the race, I knew I was going to be in the running for that top spot, but to actually accomplish it meant so much. Before this year, I never would have thought I would win a CCIW race, so I was just very proud.”

Q: How did you prepare for this meet?

A: “I was very nervous going into this meet, but I knew I had to trust my training and that I was in good enough shape to feel confident with this race.

I just had to convince myself that I was as prepared as I could’ve been, and I knew I had to just go out there and give 100 percent of my energy and not hold anything back.

Q: Where does your motivation/dedication to this sport come from?

A: A lot of it is self-motivation because it’s really important to do all the little things that make me a better athlete, even when no one is there watching.

My passion for the sport also helps because it’s easy to put in extra time into something I care about. I’m honestly just drawn to the running community. No one in my family is a runner, but I found my way into such a supportive and motivational atmosphere, so I’m grateful for that.

Q: How do your teammates/coach impact your track and field experience?

A: The people are probably what have influenced me the most. My event coach inspires me to be a better person, on and off the track, and to make the most of every situation.

What makes my experience on the team so great is having teammates and event coaches that care so much, and we all have a lot of fun and laughs at practice too.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish before you graduate?

A: I’m looking forward to making the most of my last semester and to enjoy my last track season. By the end of the year, I’m hoping to get more personal bests in my track events, and to also find some potential job positions for after graduation. In the classroom, I’ve already completed both of my senior thesis projects but hopefully I’ll have more chances to present on all my hard work outside the track as well.