Angie Talks with Xavier Holley

Jack Weeks

Throughout this season, senior Xavier Holley has tallied up a total of 20 solo tackles while assisting in 13 totaling in 33 tackles overall. Holley leads the CCIW in tackles for loss with 10.0 and is second in the league for sacks with 6.5 sacks for 53 yards. The observer sat down with Holley to discuss his recent performance. 
Q: You had five sacks, seven and a half tackles for loss, what goes in mentally to a performance like that?
A: “Nothing out of the ordinary, I try not to be selfish, just get out there and do what I need to do for my team.”
Q: What goes into preparing for a game like this?
A: “Nothing different at all. Same thing every week and hope it works as well as it has.”
Q: Who or what inspires you to perform like this?
A: “No person, the hard work put in by me and the whole team. My motivation is the desire to be great.”
Q: What does it feel like to contribute so heavily to such a big win for Augie?
A: “This is my first game ever like this. It feels good knowing you’re making the other team flustered. Me and the guys next to me work hard and use our strategies to beat the other team and it’s all about that teamwork – without the moves and strategies of my teammates I couldn’t have had a game like this”
Q: What is the locker room like for you after a game like this? Lots of accolades from the team?
A: “Yeah for sure. The sidelines get excited, lots of high-fives, my teammates were tallying up sacks. I’ll hear about it in the film session on Monday but as soon as Tuesday rolls around coach will say, ‘Last week was last week, let’s focus on this week, anything that has happened before today is irrelevant.’”
Q: What does Augie Football look like going forward?
A: “We start each week going 0-0. It’s the same schedule and practice time every week, just new schemes, plays, and opponents. We just trust the formula and rely on hard work and thought.”