Breaking News: DeGreve leaves SGA after protest

Olivia Doak

At the Student Government Association (SGA) meeting on Thursday, May 2 newly-elected president Haley DeGreve stepped down from her position due to student protests.
Over 20 students showed up at the meeting on Thursday to express their objections towards DeGreve as president due to the offensive language used in a Twitter video. They also called upon the senate to change campus culture to make all students feel included, respected and represented.
The students, many from minority backgrounds, expressed that they were hurt by the language DeGreve used and did not want her to represent them as president. The senate debated and a motion was made to impeach DeGreve. However, the decision was made to allow DeGreve to step down before voting on impeachment. She chose to step down.
Vice president Carl Frasor will step up as the new president of SGA and will nominate a new vice president by the meeting next Thursday.