Skeleton Key Artists’ Market

William Sikich

Are you a fan of antiques and unique, locally created art? Skeleton Key Art and Antiques in Rock Island hosts the monthly Rock Island Artists’ Market to provide just that.
From 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. on the second Sunday of each month from June through October, local artists and crafters set up shop in front of the store to sell their wares to the public, and everyone is invited to come and browse the market absolutely free of charge.
If you haven’t heard of Skeleton Key Art and Antiques, it’s a shop at 520 18th St., Rock Island at which the work of numerous artists and collectors is sold in one single location. As described by Brandy Vandewalle, the owner of Skeleton Key Art and Antiques, the store is “an antique art and hand-crafted vendor mall.” Vandewalle hosts local artists from the area in order to showcase their work to the general public. Open to any artists with products to sell, the market contains a wide variety of artworks and crafts. Pottery, painting, jewelry, bath and body products, and crocheted items are just a few of the types of art sold at the market, and the selection varies every time. “It’s a great variety, and it changes every month. June will look completely different from October,” said Vandewalle.
If you have any spare time on Sunday, Oct. 14, you might consider heading down to Skeleton Key for free admission to one of the only free art shows in the area. Whether you’re an artist looking to spread your work or just a person who enjoys art in general, take a look at the Skeleton Key Artists’ Market.