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December 9, 2023

    Shots fired at Lincoln Park


    Three gunshots were fired at Lincoln Park on 38th street, just across the street from the Augustana College campus, in Rock Island on Saturday, Aug. 18. Campus was placed on lockdown and students were instructed to stay inside for about 30 minutes while the Rock Island Police Department responded to the incident.
    No Augustana students were involved in the shooting, college assistant vice president of communications and marketing Keri Rursch said. Although the gunshots were not fired on Augustana grounds, the location of the incident is located adjacent to Swanson residence hall.
    Kaylee Anderson, a sophomore who lives at Swanson, said the incident shook her and her roommates. They were asleep when the shooting occurred and didn’t hear the gunshots but peeked outside of their windows when they heard police cars coming.
    “If we knew what was going on, we would have felt better about the situation,” Anderson said. “We’re better knowing now.”
    As of the posting of this story, the case is an open investigation. Augustana Police and Public Safety are working with the Rock Island Police Department, all of whom have declined to comment.
    Additional reporting by Brady Johnson and Rachel Leman.

    Frank Hoover, sophomore, was sitting at his desk in his Swanson suite when he looked out his window to see an individual dressed in a blue hoodie and a black bandanna approaching a group playing basketball.
    “They were playing basketball and this guy came up and shot into the crowd. One of them was separated during the shooting and was then shot at,” Hoover said.  Hoover mentions as well as Chloe Anderson that the group ran by the tennis courts and then walked back as the police arrived.
    “The police arrived not even five minutes later,” Hoover said.
    The investigation is still ongoing. This is a developing story.
    Correction: In a previous version Chloe Anderson said she saw a car drive by when the shots were fired. Anderson has since clarified her view on the situation that the car was not involved.

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    Shots fired at Lincoln Park