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Power outage rocks campus
Power outage rocks campus
Jack Brandt September 13, 2023

The Importance of Nuclear Power


As humans, we use electricity for almost everything we do, but we often overlook how it’s produced. Electricity is produced by different avenues such as hydroelectric, coal, oil, gas, nuclear, and some renewables.
Each source has its issues. The nation’s leading source of energy is coal and gas which are used to meet most of our daily needs; however, it creates high emissions which go against many organizations who are trying to make our earth more habitable, green and clean.
As the age of technology continues, energy is needed to be produced at even higher quantities, which poses huge problems. For example, reports show that by 2040, we will not have enough energy to keep the world’s computers operating. This means we have to explore different routes of energy production.
James A. Fitz Patrick nuclear plant, in Oswego County, N.Y. is facing troubles, due to corporations trying to shut down this plant that employs over 600 people. This power plant has raised a lot of controversy due to advocates, mostly Oswego residents, and by green initiative groups trying to shut it down.
The corporation involved is called Entergy and is responsible for various different plants across New York as well as this Oswego plant. Entergy is calling for a subsidy of $500 million each year, in order to keep this power plant, open. This is a large amount of money, but in the long run, the benefits exceed the drawbacks.
By giving this Oswego power plant the $5 million subsidy, we can use less coal and gas, which will reduce emissions. Additionally, the cost of this initiative would be less than $2 a month for electricity consumers. This initiative would even reduce prices for electricity jobs and for consumers.
By not passing this subsidy, the Oswego community would be economically devastated. It employs many of the county’s residents and pays high salaries. Due to the specificity of the jobs at Oswego, employees would have a hard time getting a new job fitting their expertise.
Also, since the majority of jobs in Oswego are due to the plant, these jobs getting removed would impact the local businesses. Oswego workers out of jobs would no longer be able to spend money at the local bars, stay at the hotels, and shop at the various other businesses. These businesses that are supported by this revenue would also likely go out of business. Roughly $12.5 million of annual tax revenues go towards the local schools. wWth that being eliminated, the school system would dramatically suffer.
In a recent turn of events, this power plant will be rescued, and the Oswego community will be spared the various negative consequences of it closing. An initiative is being crafted in order to please the people for and against this nuclear power plant. By going through with the subsidy, $4 billion worth of revenue can be earned, and cash flow though the businesses involved and the community will be gained.
Reducing emissions was also a primary factor in the decision, and without this plant, the use of fossil fuels would be the alternative, which would result into 3 million tons of greenhouse gases. This would negatively impact our environment exponentially. This power plant is crucial in ensuring the economic stability of communities and environmental impacts of our earth.

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The Importance of Nuclear Power