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A $40 million gift: An act of transformational generosity for Augie students

Chloe Baxter April 23, 2022

On Wednesday, April 6, Murry Gerber, an Augustana Alum and member of the Board of Trustees, made a commitment of up to $40 million to Augustana College. This gift is intended to benefit first-generation...

Reality TV and how it misguides us

Krystina Slack April 8, 2022

This year, Augustana College has been hosting a series of Tea Talks that have been about a variety of different topics. The Tea Talk held on March 30 was the first to talk about the impact of reality TV.  Dr....

Falling into fashion: Autumn trends and our eco impact

Hannah Knuth and Janey Locander October 15, 2021

Fall is finally here, and autumn trends are making their way across students’ clothing choices. Almost near the middle of October, cooler temperatures signal more jackets, hats and layered clothing among...

Strange steam in the Quad sparks alarm

Strange steam in the Quad sparks alarm

Olivia Doak March 5, 2020

A large, mysterious cloud of steam gushed from the ground near the Gerber Center stairs on Monday, Feb. 24, maintaining its presence throughout the week. The steam cloud was so thick and voluminous that...

Congresswoman Cheri Bustos speaks on plans to combat the climate crisis

Stuart Lombard November 14, 2019

On Wednesday 6 November, Representative Cheri Bustos addressed a room of young constituents and Augustana students and faculty. She spoke at length about her plans to address the climate crisis in Illinois’s...

Sippy cups still murder turtles

Alex McLean October 17, 2019

In the summer of 2019, Starbucks introduced plastic lids to replace the plastic straws the company previously used. Shortly after, Augustana’s Brew by The Slough followed suit. Apparently in an effort...

Construction continues on the slough slowly as extreme weather events keep inhibiting reconstruction. Photo by Brady Johnson.

Slough reconstruction project continues

Shanela Ranaraja January 18, 2018

In early December of 2017, the college began reconstruction work on the Slough. According to Kirk Anderson, CFO and vice president of finance and administration, this was the first project of such a scale...

Baby Boomers Versus Millennials: Why Cant We Be Friends?

Baby Boomers Versus Millennials: Why Can’t We Be Friends?

January 20, 2017

I’m sure most of you have stumbled across social media posts where various generations clash. One snarky comment after the other, a statistic or two, a couple of likes later, and you start to wonder...

The Importance of Nuclear Power

The Importance of Nuclear Power

December 11, 2016

As humans, we use electricity for almost everything we do, but we often overlook how it’s produced. Electricity is produced by different avenues such as hydroelectric, coal, oil, gas, nuclear, and some...

"This Changes Everything" Calls for Sustainable Changes on Campus

Thea Gonzales October 13, 2016

Students gathered in Hanson on Oct. 4 to watch "This Changes Everything," a 90-minute documentary exploring the dangerous global struggle between the economy and the increasing global temperature. The...

Letter to the Editor: Improvements made to printing

May 7, 2015

This letter is to briefly respond to Ryan Silvola’s editorial, “Printing costs not as Augie advertised” from the April 30 issue of the Observer. Ryan mentioned having printed 3,122 pages; if so,...

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