Gallery: Quad Cities area protects against flood devastation

Nearly every spring the Mississippi River floods parts of the Quad Cities due to a mix of snowmelt further north and rainfall. From left to right, top to bottom: Nicole Gleason, the public works director in Davenport, reassures the public that the temporary floodwall will protect the city on April 24, 2023; construction workers in Davenport continue work on the floodwall along River Drive on April 24, 2023; the Mississippi River partially floods downtown Davenport from Iowa to Perry Streets along River Drive on April 30, 2023; an overhead view of the Mississippi River flooding in Davenport on April 30, 2023; construction workers use a crane to move large blocks of cement to add to the temporary floodwall in Davenport along River Drive on April 24, 2023; an American flag placed on the east end of Davenport’s temporarily constructed floodwall waves in the wind on April 24, 2023.

Photos by Molly Sweeney and Aubrey Lathrop