Newspaper chance for identity, growth

Here at Augustana, there is a variety of activities students can get involved in. There is a multitude of sports for those who enjoy being active, a wide array of clubs that suits every interest and different jobs to fit anyone’s schedule.

No matter who you are, there is a place for you at Augie.

This is especially great for freshmen, who feel the need to quickly find their campus niche.

When I was informed about the Observer during my first few weeks on campus, I quickly jumped at the opportunity to join their team.

The application process was simple, yet well-thought out. Giving me a chance to display my writing style, strengths and weaknesses, I was told that I would become a part of the Opinion section of the paper.

As a young woman who has a tendency to be soft-spoken and quiet in person, writing an opinion column was the perfect opportunity to be as vocal as possible regarding a myriad of topics.

Working for the Augustana Observer is a great opportunity for someone who, like myself, enjoys staying relevant and informing others.

I have had the chance to cover several different topics, issues and events, and I was given the chance to share my opinion with readers who made sure to grab their copy of the Observer.

During the writing process of each article, there was never a shortage of support from others contributing to the Observer. I was able to work with a very delightful and understanding editor, who made sure to answer any questions I had and to give me the best feedback.

Applying for the Observer was definitely one of my best decisions during my freshman year at Augie.

Working for the Augustana Observer has been a rewarding experience, and I will look back on my time writing here with a deep fondness.

In my opinion, it might be one of the best aspects of my freshmen year at Augustana.