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This wasn’t always Augie

Etta Brooks November 19, 2021

“This wasn’t always Augie,” raised conversations about how the land, which Augustana currently resides, was once occupied by indigenous people. This discussion was facilitated by the Multicultural...

Men’s water polo off to a historic start

Nick Gainey October 16, 2021

The historic first season of men’s water polo has been a rousing success. Even though the game results have not always been the best, the team has had many valuable experiences and plenty of opportunities...

Preserving Swedish culture through art

Kayla Palliser October 11, 2021

Like a fossil in amber, resin artwork has the ability to preserve tiny treasures for years. The Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center hosted its first Nordic-inspired craft workshop on Saturday,...

Junior Grace Loverde takes a swing during competition last year. Photo credits belong to the Augustana Athletic Department.

Women’s golf makes history

Jannae Mehaffey October 11, 2021

The women’s golf team has broken numerous school records and had an incredible start to their season, coming in first place in their first three tournaments.  Senior Rylie Schurter said she is very...

Declaring your major: Hesitancy is valid

Bethany Abrams March 16, 2021

On Feb. 13, an email was sent out to all first-year students at Augustana College regarding the eligibility to begin declaring majors. With an online form, declaring a major is an easy and quick process....

Dr. Lentil Calder (Right) speaks alongside Dr. Jasmine Noelle Yarish (Middle) and Dr. David Dehnel at the Impeachment Process Panel on October 29th, 2019.

What is impeachment?

Audrianna Schneider November 7, 2019

Impeachment is an important mechanism of American politics, yet for some, the process of impeachment is hard to fully grasp and comprehend. This week, the Observer sought to explain the intricacies behind...

Kai Swanson educates students about the Old Main Dome.

Looking back at building behind the dome

April 28, 2016

The plan for Old Main, originally named Memorial Hall, was designed in 1882 and was completed in 1888. The first students entered the building on January 29, 1888. The Dome, however, was not completed...

Local history on display in the Quad Cities

September 6, 2015

For those looking to get their museum fix in the Quad Cities, the Putnam Museum over in Davenport is constantly cycling out interesting exhibitions of national, international, and local history. The most...

Letter to the Editor: Life Week inadequately addresses problem

April 17, 2015

The first time I heard about “Life Week” was my freshman year. As someone who supports the right for people to choose whether they want to be a parent or not, I felt a bit bothered by the emails and...

Editorial: Illinois joins Augustana on right side of history

December 5, 2013

Doing the right thing can be difficult or unpopular. Yet the state of Illinois has joined the right side of history by legalizing same-sex marriage. Illinois is the 16th state to do so. The Augustana Observer...

Letter to the Editor: Equality in history

Letter to the Editor: Equality in history

October 8, 2013

To the Editor: In his 9/26 column (“Gender Tough Subject in High School Athletics”), in order to demonstrate a historical pattern of gender inequity in sports, Daniel Hamilton stated that “The ancient...

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