Women’s golf makes history


Junior Grace Loverde takes a swing during competition last year. Photo credits belong to the Augustana Athletic Department.

Jannae Mehaffey

The women’s golf team has broken numerous school records and had an incredible start to their season, coming in first place in their first three tournaments. 

Senior Rylie Schurter said she is very honored to be a part of Augustana’s history and such a great group of athletes. 

“It has been such an honor to watch these girls break records,” Schurter said. “Knowing the amount of work they are putting into their golf games, I am so proud of each and every one of our players for putting their best foot forward.” 

In the season opener, junior Grace Loverde made Augustana history as she got a hole in one on the eighth hole of the Highland Springs Golf Course. 

“Breaking all these records so soon into our season has really just set a precedent,” Loverde said. “We want to continue to break these records and push Augustana women’s golf to the next level because we know we are capable of doing so.” 

Breaking these school records has helped bring the team together, and first-year Ellie Jahn feels closer to the team because of it. 

“Breaking team records has been a huge milestone for us and helped make our bond stronger,” Jahn said. 

This incredible start to the season has set the bar very high and the team hopes to continue their momentum. 

“As a team I hope we still continue to strive towards breaking records,” Loverde said. “It is not possible to break them every time, but I want us to all remember we are capable of it and not to get discouraged when we don’t have our best days.” 

The team has already reached some of the goals they set during the preseason and the CCIW tournament hasn’t even happened yet. “Individually, everyone wanted to PR this year, which the majority of us already have,” Jahn said. 

Breaking these records didn’t just happen from pure talent. The women’s golf team has been preparing for this all year and haven’t taken a single practice for granted. 

“We have worked hard all preseason to get ready for this season,” Schurter said. “The days are long, but we have taken advantage of all the opportunities to get better on and off the course.”

Schurter said that this year’s team is different from previous years because of the players’ mindset and the team’s unity. Each and every player has embraced their role on the team and given it their all. 

“This year more than ever I can confidently say that every person in this team plays an important role, regardless of if they play every weekend or not,” Schurter said. “This has been so important in bonding as a team and supporting each other through the good and bad rounds.” 

Loverde said that statistics and placements on the team don’t get in the way of the friendships built this year. 

“We are all very close and we don’t let our placements on the team affect that which is one of the things that makes us a great team,” Loverde said. “We stick together and support one another through everything.” 

The women’s golf team will start the CCIW tournament Sept. 30 at the Ironwood Golf Course. Having just made Augustana history, the school is stoked to see what all these players can accomplish this weekend and throughout the rest of the season.