Women’s water polo makes history

Kosei Ogata

The women’s water polo team got their first win in program history on Feb. 19 against Occidental College. 

The women’s water polo team was established this year and they are a completely new team.

This historic game took place in St. Paul, Minnesota on Feb.19 against Occidental College from Los Angeles, California. The final score was 11-7.

Alyssa Fricker, first-year and left-side attacker, was surprised at how well they competed against such a good team. 

“I was shocked for the first win against Occidental College because the college in California is usually a good team,” Fricker said. “We were competing pretty well against them and it showed that we have the ability to compete with a good team. And now I am excited about the future.”

Fricker scored five goals in the game. She gained confidence that she can compete with a great team and that her team can compete with them as well.

“I was shocked by the goal. I had a good mentality during the game and I am glad that happened,” Fricker said. 

Victoria Guest, first-year and right-side attacker, felt similarly to Fricker about their win.

“I have the same feelings as Alyssa. I was shocked by our first win against the team whose level is above us,” Guest said. 

Guest was in the game as a left attacker and scored one goal in the game. 

“I had a good feeling when I earned a score in the game,” Guest said. “And now, I feel like I can do more.”

Ocean Akau, first-year and center forward, was also surprised about the win and is excited for what the team will accomplish next.

“I was shocked for the first win as well,” Akau said. “At the same time, I am excited for the team to keep winning.”

Ocean’s position, a center forward, is the most important attacking position in water polo and her role is to cause confusion in the defense. Also, she scored one goal in the game as well.

Fricker mentioned how they will continue to improve and earn more wins during this season. 

“We will need to push through a better mentality for the rest of the season to compete better,” Fricker said. 

Akau also talked about how to keep improving for the rest of the season. 

“I would say we will have to focus on a more like mindset,” Akau said. 

The women’s water polo team is still early in their season.. They are done with five games and they have 14 games left for the rest of the season. 

According to the players, their goal for this season is to win the conference. To achieve this goal, they are trying to get better and earn more wins. 

Their next game is in California on Friday, March 4.