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Power outage rocks campus
Power outage rocks campus
Jack BrandtSeptember 13, 2023

First Lady supports Quinn, Bustos, Durbin

First Lady Michelle Obama spoke on Saturday about getting “fired up” for voting, advocating for Congresswoman Cheri Bustos, Senator Dick Durbin and Governor Pat Quinn at the Wharton Field House in Moline.
Obama discussed the democratic approach to job growth, minimum wage and education.
“Under the leadership of our elected officials, things are starting to get better,” Obama said in her speech.
She said Illinois is leading in the Midwest in terms of job creation thanks to Quinn. Obama said Quinn has also fought to raise the minimum wage as well as investing in schools.
In his introduction of Obama, Quinn said the best way to take care of future generations is to invest in early childhood education.
“Second to none, we want to have the best early childhood education here in Illinois,” said Quinn.
Quinn said he, along with Bustos and Drubin, are also constructing a Quad City campus for Western Illinois University.
“Everybody in, and nobody left out when it comes to learning,” said Quinn.
He also discussed scholarships and reaching out to first generation college students.
“The key to good jobs is have a good education,” Quinn said.
Obama praised Bustos for her focus on equal pay for women and affordable childcare, while she said Durbin has been working to bring down the deficit, saying Durbin will have “a power voice” as the second highest leader in the Senate.
Obama said re-electing Quinn, Durbin and Bustos would keep the state and the nation moving forward.
“This is personal for me, because this is my home state,” said Obama. “This is my home, and, like all of you, I care deeply what happens.”
Obama criticized the money and special interest groups in politics, saying Quinn, Durbin, Bustos and President Obama were able to overcome these groups due to the voters, urging the audience to vote.
“Every single one of those votes maters, because (all of the) elections are going to be close,” Obama said.
Obama said Quinn’s last election was decided by 32,000 votes, equaling to three votes per prescient.
“If everybody here brings just two friends to the polls…leave no one behind, because you could swing an entire precinct for Pat, for Dick or for Cheri,” Obama said.
She said without people voting, there will be less support for schools, more opposition to raising the minimum wage and tax breaks for the wealthy.
“If you want to keep on creating good jobs all across the state, if you believe that folks working full time shouldn’t have to live in poverty in the wealthiest nation on the planet, if you think every child in Illinois should have the education they need for preschool through college, then you need to get out there and vote for Pat and for Dick and for Cheri,” Obama said.

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First Lady supports Quinn, Bustos, Durbin