Women's soccer expect better

In the CCIW pre-season polls, the women’s soccer team is predicted to rank fourth overall in conference play. While they finished in the same position last season, it was not the prediction they had hoped for. This season, the team is eager to prove everyone wrong.
“I disagree with it,” said junior Jessica Kras, “and we are going to prove it wrong.”
There is clear determination from the team, especially the upperclassmen. The Vikings finished first in conference in 2012 and the upperclassmen want to prove that they can do it once again.
“We are competitive with each other but we still try to pick each other up,” said senior captain Kerri Skotnicki. “The starting line is never set in stone so everyone works their butts off. We were ranked fourth to finish in conference this year and our goal is to beat that.”
While they are still figuring out exact positions, the team is full of heart and has been working hard during games and at practices.
With the two team captains leading the team in the back field, the team is looking strong as it follows the direction given.
Senior and co-captain Skotnicki  earned player of the week, for the week of Sept. 3, and was first defensive player to win this award in the 2014 season.
With infrequent subbing, the players are competitive for playing time and always working their hardest. Even so, the team has a strong team bond and play well together. However, the game on Saturday against Marian did not produce results they would have hoped for.
“It was like playing in a library,” said junior defender Stef Hamaker. “Everyone made mistakes; it was a huge step backwards. The fans had nothing to react to. But we are positive and looking forward. We are eager to show ourselves and others that we can be a great and dominant team.”
Despite the poor playing, it was an emotional day for many of the girls. Junior Kortney Hix stepped onto the field for the first time in two years after tearing her ACL during her freshman year. It was a confidence boost for her and an encouragement to the team.
On Sept. 21 they hope to redeem themselves during their home game against Eureka at 3 p.m.
While it is not a conference game, it is pivotal because it strengthens their schedule which helps when determining if they will make it to the NCAA tournament in which they made it last year and then lost the first game.
This game is a chance for the girls to get their confidence back and play the way they know they are capable.