Riverssance Festival of Fine Arts to honor Augustana artist

The Riverssance Festival of Fine Arts’ 27th year will feature 103 artists, musicians and performers on Sept. 20 and 21.
Top artists in North America will be showcased at the Midcoast Fine Arts’ Riverssance Festival in the Village of East Davenport.
The event offers food, wine tasting, a music stage and selected, high-quality art.
“I am most excited about our new artists, that is what is nearest and dearest to me,” said Jodean Rousey, one of the event’s main coordinators.
“The art work is incredible, and the people coming know that there will be quality art here for sale. And buyers are able to connect one-on-one with high quality artists.”
Augustana professor of art, Megan Quinn, will be honored for the first time at this year’s festival. The Harley Award is given annually to people who show consistency in educating, promoting, inspiring and advancing the world of visual art in the Quad Cities.
“I am tickled to be honored with an award that has been given to so many honorable people” said Quinn. “I was quite shocked and surprised, and I am very excited.”
She will receive the Harley Award along with her sister Kristen Quinn, art department chairman at St. Ambrose.
“We do a lot of supporting of each other,” Quinn said.
This year there is a featured design for the Festival, created by artist Naidine D’Angelo. The design is of a dragonfly with its insides being driven by bolts, screws, piping and steam. The design will be featured on this year’s promotional work as well as on t-shirts.
D’Angelo lives in the Quad Cities and is mentioned as a “vital part of the community” by Midcoast in a press release. D’Angelo’s work connects math and science to her art.
“Even if you are not studying art, it’s just fun,” Quinn said. “They have entertainment, great food, very affordable and high quality art work, and it offers a chance to just relax for a little bit.”
“It’s an experience to visit and get an idea to see what’s out there,” Rousey said. “Take this opportunity to get a cultural sampling to see what’s out there in your community.”