Positive impact of IM sports on sororities

Stuti Shrestha

IM (Intramural) sports are a popular activity for Augustana students and are open for any student to participate. There are all different types of sports throughout the school year. A lot of Greek groups get involved in it, and they form teams to play against other teams.
President of Delta Chi Theta, senior Emma Cintado, feels IM sports are a chance for people who want to participate in sports but don’t want to commit wholeheartedly.

“There are people in the groups that don’t have opportunities to play sports in college or who don’t want to commit themselves fully to that, so giving them the opportunity to do IM sports is really enjoyable to them,” Cintado said. “I play IM softball and IM soccer and it’s been a really fun experience so far.

IM sports are similar to college sports because they have rules and regulations that players must follow while they are participating in the games.

“IM sports takes games as seriously as actual sports would take them. You’re supposed to show up 15 minutes early here,” Cintado said.
People who haven’t played sports or want to explore sports are encouraged to do IM sports. They are for all students regardless of experience.

“It gives opportunities to try sports to those people who haven’t tried those sports before,” Cintado said. “I’ve never been good at games or sports that are hand eye coordination, but I had so much fun last time I played IM softball.”

Playing sports is known to improve people’s physical health but can also improve people’s mental health.

“Sometimes I forget how much of a positive impact getting out of the house and getting some exercise from playing sports has on my mental health,” Cintado said. “Having a few hours dedicated every weekend to playing IM sports with lots of my friends is a really relaxing experience for me.”

Sophomore Brianna Ebenroth, a member of Chi Alpha Pi, has been playing IM sports and believes it brings people closer and makes them more supportive of one another. Ebenroth has also noticed the impact IM sports has on Greek unity.

“IM sports has given the group an opportunity to get together and play as a team. It doesn’t need a huge time commitment, but it is something we all are able to do together,” Ebenroth said. “Something I love is a lot of times you can see the different teams encouraging each other, not just saying we’re the best.”

Ebenroth started playing softball back in high school and IM sports have provided her a place where she can continue that passion as well as explore other sports.

“I played softball for eight years before this, so being able to play again is a ton of fun,” Ebenroth said. “IM has given me a place where I can play the games that I love as well as explore other games which I haven’t played before.”

COVID-19 minimized social interactions because so many people were staying home. Ebenroth feels like IM sports give her a chance to do everything she hadn’t done during that time period.

“After COVID-19, I wanted to do more on campus where I can get out and do something physical,” Ebenroth said. “I haven’t been on a team in such a long time, so IM sports gives me different ways of connecting with the people in my sorority.”

Senior Emma Gannaway, a member of Sigma Pi Delta, loves her experience of joining Greek life and doing IM sports.

“I enjoy playing IM softball, I played my entire childhood and high school on the softball team and being able to play again for fun in college is awesome and a great experience,” Gannaway said. “Joining Greek life and making friends and doing IM sports with them has made us closer, like family.”

IM sports have been a medium for Gannaway to meet new people and socialize with her sorority members.

“IM sports has brought a lot of positive impact into my life including being able to go outside and get some fresh air, also socializing with people and getting exercise at the same time,” Gannaway said. “It has generated a special bond with my own sororities as well as a bond with other teams.”

Junior Grace Taglia, a member of Chi Alpha Pi, believes IM sports is a good experience, and it is easy to make time for it. Since it is easy to work into a college schedule, many students enjoy doing it on the weekends.

“IM sports has been a good bonding experience for me,” Taglia said. “They practice on a weekend so it’s really fun, and it’s a little more laid back than varsity, so it’s possible for more people to do it.”

IM softball has been a great way for students to interact with their peers and relieve some of their stress from school. It continues to be an outlet for Greek groups to not only connect within their groups, but also connect with others outside of their groups.